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Why Does My iPhone Battery Die So Fast

[*Solved] Why Does My iPhone Battery Die So Fast?

An outdated software or features can be responsible for your iPhone battery draining fast. Apple has managed to improve the battery life of the...
Scary Things To Ask Alexa

Best Funny & Scary Things To Ask Alexa in 2023

Amazon Alexa, or simply regarded as Alexa, is voice AI by Amazon. It is powered not only to make your life simpler and easier, but...

Top 5 Best Earphones Under Rs. 1500 india

Ear-phones are must-have accessories for every person who is interested in music or hands-free telephonic conversation, especially while commuting or working. Be it the daily...

SSD vs. HDD: Which is the best buy ?

What’s the difference between SSDs and HDDs? Solid state drives and hard disk drives store data in a different manner although have similar physical specifications....

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