Does Your Android Phone Reboots Repeatedly Here Is Why

  • You are about to receive a call and your Android smartphone gets a reboot.
  • All set to click a selfie and suddenly phone restarts.
  • You are in the middle of reading an important report on the phone and it boots up.
  • You are listening to your favourite music and your smart Android phone keeps rebooting.
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Isn’t all this irritating? Yes. This is a common problem with many of the branded Android Smartphones. But before discussing the problem; let’s talk something about Android.

Introduction to Android:

An open source mobile operating system; Android is based on Linux technology and particularly intended for touchscreen devices as Smartphones and Tablets. Being the brilliant piece of the operating system Android has always given its users a proud feeling and satisfaction. It became the most popular operating system in the world in 2007 and still is among the most broadly used mobile Operating System in the world. There are several versions of Android OS beginning from Apple Pie (1.0) to the Jelly Bean and newest Android 7.0 Nougat. But it has been seen that many times these exceptionally high tech devices bump into a lot of issues. As a result of which; users are often seen complaining about their Android Smartphone Rebooting Automatically.

What are the Reasons Behind Automatic Rebooting of Android Smartphones?

The reasons could be many from high-end software issues to purely user based.

Installing Badly Developed Apps from the Play store

You might have installed an application from the play store which has bugs in it. Thus, it is not the issue with the smartphone but it is the bad app with bugs that keeps rebooting your phone. Check the apps; possibly one of them is unsteady and causing problems. This is frequently the most common reason for perfect phones.

Cache and Data-Storage Saturation

Although you may have encountered “Clear cache” and “Clear Data” many times. The dissimilarities among these two are cache stores provisional data while running application; it can be linked to a computer’s RAM. Dissipating your data will remove altered favourites of applications, databanks, and reinstate the application to its first state. These two have a remarkable effect on the Android phones for continually, arbitrarily or repeatedly restarting.

Check For Smartphone’s Heating Up

At times your smartphone will start over by itself as its CPU is overheating and restarting can help it turn cold a bit and not get smashed. Your phone may scorch as you have installed it with many apps and games and you are using continuously for a long time.

Enabling or Disabling Certain System Apps

There are certain apps that we think are none of our use and we disable them from the system. But actually, they were playing role in the functioning of the phone. Thus, in absence of them, the phone suffers often reboots. Similarly, the other app with bugs and poor development cause disturbances in the functioning of the phone, thus it results in reboots as well.

Not Updating Phone OS For Long

The rapid developments and quick changes in OS of phones seek for regular updates. When you don’t update your phone for a long time; the OS gets slower and start performing poorly. Thus, the problem of rebooting occurs.

Poor Battery

Yes, even the battery is responsible for often reboots of Android smartphones. When you are done with all the above-specified options; check the battery life and get it replaced by a new one to save your phone for regular reboots.

Knowing the major reasons behind rebooting your smartphone; now you can take the corrective measures to save your phone from getting destroyed.


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