Understanding Facebook Relation Status: Does Changing It Notify the Other Person?

Being in love is such a fantastic feeling and telling others that you are committed to this amazing person makes things even better. If you have finally decided to update your relation status on Facebook and want to reflect that commitment to others via a Facebook status update, you might be thinking, if I change my relation status on Facebook, will the other person be notified? But, how to know that? Well, don’t worry because here we are with answers to each of your queries related to updating your Facebook relationship status.

When you Change your Relationship Status on Facebook does it Notify the Other Person?

The answer is No! There is no way Facebook will notify the other person that you have updated your relationship status. But, if you want to tag the person, I mean you want to change the status like, you are married to “XYZ”, it will surely notify the person. Also, the change on your status will only appear after the other person confirms it. That’s why we say it is really important to first talk with your other half that you are thinking about to update your FB status. Or you might have to face issues.

How To Change Your Relationship Status on Facebook?

It is really easy to update your relationship on FB, all you have to do is follow the below mentioned steps and you’re good to go.

  • Open the Facebook app and go to your Profile page.
  • Click on Edit Public Details below your profile photo. 
  • Select Edit in the Details area on Facebook.
  • Down below tap on Relationship.
  • You can deselect the box next to your relationship status to stop it from appearing on your Profile. However, the status will still be visible in your Bio.
  • Select the Pencil button to edit the relationship status.
  • Change your status, enter your partner’s name, and pick anniversary dates.

Here is how you can change the privacy of your relationship status on Facebook

To update the privacy of your relationship status on FB, follow the below mentioned stetps.

  • After updating the status of your relation, Go to the earth symbol that is located at bottom left corner.
  • You can select from Friends, Public or Only me.
  • Select the one you are willing to opt for and click save to store your modifications.
  • Click save again and you’re done.


If I change my relationship status on Facebook, will the other person be notified?

No, Facebook will not send a direct notification to the other person when you change your relationship status. However, the change will be visible in their News Feed if they check Facebook regularly, as it will appear as a post on your timeline.

Can I set who can see my relationship status on Facebook?

Yes, you can control the privacy settings for your relationship status. You can choose to make it visible to the public, your friends, a custom list of people, or only yourself.

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