What Does The Green Following Mean on Instagram ?

What Does The Green Following Mean on Instagram

Have you recently come across a green following button while browsing Instagram profiles? If so, you might be curious about what this green button signifies. While most profiles sport a conventional following button, occasionally, you’ll stumble upon one adorned with green text. In this piece, we’ll unravel the meaning behind the green following button on Instagram, delve into how to acquire it, and provide further insights. By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll gain a clear understanding of the significance of the green following button.

What Does The Green Following Mean on Instagram ?

When you encounter a green following button on Instagram, it’s an indication that you’ve added that particular individual to your Close Friends list. This special button denotes that the person is part of your Close Friends circle.

Conversely, if someone isn’t part of your Close Friends list, their following button won’t take on the green hue. To verify this, simply tap on the following button. If you spot a star against a green backdrop within the “Close Friend” segment, it confirms that this individual is indeed part of your Close Friends list.

Should you decide to change your selection, you can tap on the “Close Friend” section to remove them from your Close Friends list. Ordinarily, the following button text should read “Add to Close Friends List” when tapped.

Acquiring the Coveted Green Following Button:

To secure the coveted green following button on Instagram, you need to take the step of adding someone to your Close Friends list. Here’s the process broken down:

  • Visit the profile of the individual you want to include in your Close Friends list.
  • Make sure you’re already following them by tapping the follow button.
  • Now, tap the following button. A dropdown menu will pop up.
  • Opt for “Add to Close Friends List.”
  • Once you’ve added them to your Close Friends list, you’ll notice the following button turning green. This subtle shift in color indicates that this individual is now part of your close-knit group on Instagram.

It’s crucial to note that you cannot add someone to your Close Friends list unless you’re already following them. If their account is private, you’ll have to wait for your follow request to be accepted before you can include them in your Close Friends list.

Personalizing Your Stories:

Alongside the intriguing green following button, Instagram also offers the feature of posting exclusive stories for your close friends. When you share a story solely with your Close Friends list, a green ring surrounds your story, signifying that it’s intended exclusively for this select audience.

So, there you have it, fellow digital explorers – the ins and outs of the enigmatic green following button on Instagram. Armed with this knowledge, you can navigate the platform with confidence and fully understand the implications of this special button.

For more tech-savvy insights, stay tuned to TheTechMirror. Until next time, happy navigating the world of Instagram!

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