Tired of seeing NSFW Tweets? Turn Off Sensitive Content On Twitter in 2023

While scrolling through Tweets you might have encounter an error message saying, “This Tweet might include sensitive content” and be in awe that what does it mean on Twitter? Well here’s is an answer of you.

Most of the social media platforms have strict policies against posting of NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content. For instance, Instagram users might have to face suspensions, bans or even account deactivation if they post sensitive content on their respective handle. However, in contrast to many other platforms, Twitter let its users to post NSFW content. Here the only condition is that while posting NSFW content, you are required to mark it as sensitive in privacy and safety settings. That’s why; you must know how to turn on/off sensitive content on Twitter.

This blog article will tell you about why you get the sensitive content error message, and a detailed process to fix the issue by turning off sensitive content on Twitter. So let’s get going….

Why “this Tweet might include sensitive content” error occurs?

Whenever someone post NSFW content on Twitter, the person has to beforehand mark the media they tweet as sensitive content. If not, there is an obvious risk of getting the account suspended.

In general occurrences Twitter says, “This Tweet might include sensitive content” as a result that the containing material (photo, video or text) of Tweet may not be suitable for viewing. And the user has marked it to be sensitive in the privacy and safety settings.

Fixing “This Tweet might include sensitive content”:

As mentioned above, prior to sharing NSFW content on Twitter user has to mark it as sensitive content. This can be done by accessing the safety setting provided in the privacy and safety settings of your Twitter account. For that navigate to Settings and privacy and take the path as:

Settings and privacy > Privacy and safety > Safety > Mark media you tweet as containing material that may be sensitive.

The user who has marked their tweets as sensitive is more prone to post NSFW content on a regular basis. And “This Tweet might include sensitive content” error message is meant to keep you away from such posts which you don’t feel like seeing. You have the option of changing that setting by turning on/off sensitive content in your privacy and safety settings.

So let’s now move on to learn how to turn off sensitive content on Twitter.

Turning off “This Tweet might include sensitive content” on Twitter

For the purpose of turning off sensitive content on Twitter, you are required to log in to your Twitter account, head to Settings and privacy, then select “Privacy and safety” followed by “Content you see”, and finally tick the box for sensitive content.

There are two alternate options for getting the job done, either by logging into Twitter on a mobile browser or on a desktop. The detailed steps on how to turn off “This Tweet might include sensitive content” on Twitter is given as under:

Note: Sensitive content settingcan only be changed the on the web version of Twitter. The Twitter mobile app (on both the iPhone and Android devices) has no such setting option available.

Step #1: Log in to Twitter Account via Browser

The first step to begin with the process is to Log in to your Twitter account via a mobile browser or a desktop. Open your preferred browser (including Safari, Chrome, or other) and then navigate go to Twitter.com on a mobile browser or on a desktop.

As sensitive content setting is available only on the web version of Twitter and if you are using the Twitter mobile app, you must close it and open Twitter on a mobile browser in its place. In case you encounter the “This Tweet might include sensitive content” error on the app, then select “Change settings” option which will get you to the web version of Twitter.

After you landed on Twitter web, you need to enter details like your phone, email, or username, and password, followed by a click on Log in button.

Step #2: Head to Settings and privacy

Soon after logging in to your Twitter account, go to your profile icon provided at the top navigation bar and open the account info menu.

Find an option called “Settings and privacy” underneath your account info, and go to your Settings by selecting “Settings and privacy”.

Once you are done with it, navigate to the “Privacy and safety” page and proceed further as per instructions given in the next step.

Step #3: Select “Privacy and safety”

Once you landed on Settings page after selecting “Settings and privacy”, you will get to see different options like – Your account, Security and account access, Privacy and safety, and so on.

You are required to select “Privacy and safety” option to jump into the step of the process.

Step #4: Select “Content you see”

On the Privacy and safety page, you will note three section headings, namely – Your Twitter activity, Data sharing, and off-Twitter activity. Go to “Your Twitter activity”, and find the “Content you see” option.

This option lets you to choose what you see on Twitter according to your preferred topics and interests. You are also provided with an option to turn on or turn off sensitive content.

Once successfully navigated to your content settings you are almost done with the process. You just need to turn off the sensitive content setting by checking on the box as provided in step below.

Step #5: Check the box for sensitive content

The last and final step is to fix the “This Tweet might include sensitive content” error is to turn on/off the sensitive content setting. It can be done by checking (ticking) the box for “Display media that may contain sensitive content”.

You need to follow the path as:

Content you see > check the box for “Display media that may contain sensitive content”.

If you want to see sensitive content on Twitter you can just check the box, or else uncheck it if you want to restrict sensitive content on Twitter. Note that you can turn the option on and off at your will by using “Content you see” settings on Twitter web. And it will help you to get rid of this problem permanently.

That’s it!! You have now successfully learned to turn off sensitive content on Twitter!!

What is full form of NSFW?

The full form of NSFW is “not safe for work”. These images might contain n#dity or other offensive pictures.

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