How to see how many people blocked you on Twitter

How to see how many people blocked you on Twitter?

The microblogging platform Twitter has gained a lot of attention since Elon Musk showed interest in it and finally bought it. The recent layoff news and suspension of twitter accounts shocked everyone. A lot of things, scenarios and gossips are going on on Twitter. That’s why the number of twitter users has increased. Yeah we … Read more

Can You See Who Views Your Twitter 2023

Can You See Who Views Your Twitter 2023

The microblogging platform Twitter is widely used celebs, politicians and people who are more into staying up to date with what’s happening all around the world and on Internet. You can say that twitter is where most of the gossips start. Elon Musk is current CEO & owner of Twitter. Everyone can share their thoughts … Read more

View Private Twitter

An Easy Guide To Learn How To View Private Twitter

Twitter is definitely a great place to connect with like-minded and interesting people, as well as it is an excellent platform to learn new information and updates of trending topics. However, at times users don’t feel as if sharing their tweets and posts at a large and prefer to go Private owing to a range … Read more

How to Remove Followers on Twitter

Here is How to Remove Followers on Twitter in 2023

The micro blogging site Twitter is a great platform to express your feelings, ideas and opinions with others. Twitter is full of amazing people but some creeps are just everywhere! They might follow you, like and RT each of your tweets but at the same time they will annoy you. Like sending unusual stuff in … Read more

how to make twitter account private

How to Make Your Twitter Account Private in 2023

Just like it’s rival social networks, Twitter also provides the most important privacy feature “Private Profile”. If you want to limit your audience and don’t want everyone to see what you’re sharing on your twitter account, you can always opt to a private account. But, Twitter calls it “Protect Your Tweets”. If you turn on … Read more

Twitter Block Checker

Twitter Block Checker: Easy Tool To Track Who Blocked You On Twitter

If you are unable to contact a person on Twitter and suspect that the person might have blocked you. Here’s an article to tell you everything you wanted to know about Twitter Block Checker and much more… Twitter is surely among the preferred networking platforms to stay in touch with like-minded people. It is a … Read more

Twitter is finally adding an ‘edit’ button

Twitter is finally adding an ‘edit’ button

Users always wanted for a long time to give them a feature that allows them to edit back their tweets. Anyone can make any error in the tweet, which they do not know how to fix, but very soon twitter users will get a solution to this problem. Twitter is bringing a re-edit feature very … Read more

Twitter explores letting two accounts co-author a tweet

Twitter Explores Letting Two Accounts Co-Author A Tweet

The Collab feature is a service that will allow two accounts to co-author the same tweet. If you use Collab on Instagram, you will know how Collab works, the option is not yet publicly available to Twitter users and this feature works only after one user accepts a collaboration request from another. According to the … Read more