[2023] Here’s How To Tell If Someone Is Active On Snapchat

No matter if you have just registered logout of your account on Snapchat or haven’t using it for quite some time, one thing that is inevitable about Snapchat is that the app does not to indicate user’s online status. Having that said you might be wondering about how to see when someone was last active on Snapchat? Or can you know if a user is online now? Well, to answer these and many similar queries from Snapchat users, here’s an article compiled to tell if someone is active on Snapchat. Let’s get to know the methods by which you can discover about the availability of user on the app. So here we go….

Does Snapchat Notify User’s Availability?

No. There is no direct feature as of now to tell whether a user is online or not. Unlike most of the image and text sharing social networking apps, Snapchat has no feature like flashing green light to show user’s availability status. In view of the fact that there’s no such feature to let know you who is available online and who isn’t, the simplest way to see when someone was last active is to check for their feed or just send them a snap, if the message on the chat show a ‘Delivered’ tag  means that the user is connected to the internet and is likely to be active.

Besides that, there are still a few ways by which you can know when someone was last on the app. Continue reading this blog article to know everything about how to tell if someone is active on Snapchat.

Know if someone is Using Snapchat or Active on the App

If you are quite eager to know if someone has deleted or uninstalled the app or is the person is currently using Snapchat, then following methods can be of great help.

Method#1 From Friends Tab

To check if someone is active on Snapchat or not the, you can just go to the ‘Friends’ tab, find the person on the list. If you get to see the bitmoji icons appearing next to the person’s name it implies that the person is using Snapchat and haven’t deleted the Snapchat account.

To tell if the person is active on Snapchat using a friends tab, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open Snapchat by tapping on the Snapchat icon on your device.
  • If you are logged in, Snapchat camera opens on the screen. If aren’t then log in to your Snapchat profile by entering the valid credentials.
  • Go to the ‘Friends’ tab by swiping to the right side.
  • Now you will get to see the recently snapped Profiles on the screen, you must scroll down to locate the person whose availability you want to look at.
  • Open the chat page on that friend’s profile.
  • Just type a text message, send it and wait for that friend’s bitmoji to appear. If it does then it is obvious that your friend is active on Snapchat or else you we find ‘Pending’ that means the person is not available on Snapchat at the moment.

Method#2 Via SnapMap

SnapMap is a feature which provides you a Snapchat user’s location on the map. If you want to know someone’s last active or availability status on Snapchat then SnapMap could be a good choice.

To access this feature to tell if someone is active on Snapchat, all you need is to have the updated version of Snapchat installed on your Android or iPhone mobile and perform the following steps:

  • Launch Snapchat and get onto the camera section.
  • Then pinch inward from the camera section go open Snap Map.
  • Here enter the username of the person you want to locate on the Snap Map.
  • Just tap on the bitmoji of the person from the map and look at the grey status shown underneath the username.
  • If it shows “Seen Now”, this means that person is active on Snapchat. Else it will display the last active time. For example if it show “20m ago”, then the person was active 20 minutes ago on Snapchat and likewise you can see when the person was last active on Snapchat.

Method#3 Look at Snap Score

One way to know is someone is active on Snapchat is that person’s Snapscore. As snapscore is relative to the total number of snaps a user sends or receives including Snapchat stories and private snaps, by keeping a track of this score you can tell if the person is available.

You can catch the person by comparing their Snapscores time and over again. If the Snapscore of that person increases, that means they have either send or receive snaps making it clear that they may be active of late.

Here’s how to check for Snapchat score:

  • Open Snapchat app and go to friends tab
  • Then head to the chat page of the target person.
  • Just make a tap on the profile icon of that person.
  • Here the Snapchat score appears in front of the username.
  • Note down the Snapchat score, and close the profile.
  • Now check for the Snapscore after awhile (repeating the same steps)
  • If you notice a change of score and increases when the next time you take a note of it. This clearly implies that the person is active on Snapchat.

Method#4 Check a Timestamp

When you send someone a snap on message on Snapchat, the app allows you to know know how long ago they viewed it. If the person opens the snap or message sent in chat then it will notify you with the Timestamp called ‘Opened’. Thus it is one of the ways to check whether someone is active on Snapchat.

To tell if someone is active on Snapchat using this method you are required to undertake the following steps:

The timestamp is accurate up to one day. After a day, it will simply display how many days ago the snap was viewed. Note: The person must have viewed the snap/message.

To check a timestamp, launch the Snapchat app, and swipe right to get to the chats page. Now locate their chat. If the person has viewed the message or snap, you will see an empty square/arrow (depending on the type of media you sent), under their name. Next to this, it will read ‘Opened’ and how long ago it was viewed. If the timestamp is just a few seconds/minutes, you know the person might be online.

  • Open Snapchat and log in to your account using valid credentials.
  • Once landed on the Camera screen. Swipe right to open the chat page.
  • Locate the Blue Arrow on the left side of the chat window.
  • If the outline is completely blue, it means that the snap or message is sent.
  • Now, wait until you get the ‘Opened’ tag on that. Once you get this tag, it means the person is active.

Method#5 Use the Third-Party Tools

Apart from the methods mentioned below to know the online status of someone on Snapchat, you can also take help of Third-party tools or Snapchat online tracker apps. There are hell lots of tools available for this purpose; we won’t recommend you to use them as there is always a concern subject to the authenticity of these tools.

That’s all about the methods to be deployed for knowing about the online status of user and tell if someone is active on Snapchat.

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