[2024] What’s OPS? Here is Everything you Need to Know About OPS Slang Meaning

Ops Meaning Slang

Not long, a number of abbreviations and acronyms have been excessively used on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and so on. To be aware of the meaning of such slang is almost next to impossible, but you can always keep of learning and adding new slang that is not in your dictionary.

Through this blog article you are going to learn about “Ops”, meaning slang Ops carries alongside the usage of this frequently appearing word on Instagram.

Wondering what OPS mean on Instagram? Here’s an Answer

If you’re an ardent Instagram user you might came across an ambiguous term “OPS” on someone’s Instagram story or as a caption on many posts. Either way, you might be wondering what ops stands for on Instagram. In this article, you’ll learn what does ops mean, how to use it, and how to respond to it on Instagram.

So, without further ado, let’s go on to explore it a bit more and get to know the exact definition and accurate usage of it.

What Does Slang Ops Mean on Instagram?

The Internet is a huge platform where people of different creed, cultures, language, and nationality came across each other. Each of them has their individuality yet they share a lot of common factors and practices. Usage of slangs is one of such practice being put in for quite some time.

The acronym, “Ops” is a widely used these days on social media. It’s frequently used by teenagers on Instagram stories or as caption on post via a text which reads, “Doing Ops”. This indicates that the person is either giving or seeking opinions from other users (subject to the context provided).

The slang Ops usually means opinions or opinions on me on Instagram. Putting it in other words, this phrase allows you to seek views of your fellow users, followers, customers or other netizens. It is a sort of invite to them to write something about you and share their thoughts subject to the topic of concern.

In practice, “Ops” is more like the “tbh” slang which persuade users to share their individual and honest opinion about a given subject matter.

What Ops doesn’t mean?

Most of the users erroneously consider and relate ‘Ops’ with OP (Original Poster), OOP (Out of Place), or Oops (Expression of Surprise). But it must be well understood that these are altogether different acronyms and used in entirely different context.

Usage of Ops Slang:

The slang come to be regarded nearly around 2016 to 2018 and is predominantly used on Instagram in comparison to other platforms. It is mainly used to call upon opinions from others. Beside Instagram ‘Ops’ is quite popular on “Ask and Answer” platforms like Ask.fm and Tellonym. Following are the custom usages for this slang.

Usage #1: On Instagram

On Instagram, for the purpose of seeking opinions from followers, Ops can be used by posting a story with the text, “Ops on me”. Sometimes it is used as a caption with quite a few posts (photo or video). Additionally, it can also be used in chat (while chatting with a person) to ask for an honest opinion on some topic or subject.

Thus there are two ways to use Ops on Instagram; you can either post a story or alternatively use it in direct chat message.

Posting Instagram Story with “Ops”:

You can post an Instagram story with the acronym, “Ops on me” to ask your followers’ about their opinions of you. When you post an Insta story, with Ops, you can also add a Question Sticker to it. This will help your followers to see your story, and reply back by tapping on the sticker.

Here’s how to add ops as a Question Sticker to an Instagram story:

  • Head to your Instagram feed and tap on the camera icon provided at the top-left corner.
  • Now tap on “Aa” to access Instagram Create.
  • Swipe left on the bottom carousel to find the Questions Sticker and tap it.
  • Then type your question (for example – Ops on me).
  • Finally tap on “Your story” to post it.

Using Ops on Chat:

Alternatively, you can also use ops in direct messaging while you’re chatting with someone on Instagram. In order to seek opinions on someone or something, you can use this by typing a text, “Ops on x?” (for example – Ops on David John?).

Usage #2: On Ask and Answer Platforms

The second common usage of the slang Ops is to ask for opinion on “Ask and Answer” platforms. For having a person’s opinion on someone/something, it is extremely popular on Ask.fm and Tellonym.

However there is a bit of difference while users bring it to practice on these platforms. As on Tellonym, users will typically, ask people about what they opine of someone else (e.g. Ops on Jane Doe?), but on Ask.fm, users will use it as a tool to give their opinion on people who likes their post by adding a title to their post which reads, “Likers get ops”.

Examples of ops

Tellonym: Ops on Jane Doe?

Ask.fm: Likers get ops.

Responding to Ops on Instagram?

As most of the people care for exchanging information with each other on Social platforms, Ops is a means by which they can open a poll for finding answer a specific question. It is a way for Insta users to get connected with their followers personally and letting them a chance to share their pure thoughts and honest opinions in the comment section. 

To respond at Ops slang on Instagram, you just have to share your honest opinion. You must be very courteous and careful while responding and Ops without getting harsh, impolite and mean. It is expected that you should always have respect for others and show kindness towards them.

You must follow the codes of ethics. Never go for negative comments and try to avoid discussion about people’s flaws and weaknesses rather you should emphasize on a constructive criticism. Go on to socialize and keep doing OPS positively to bring out the best in others people around you.

Summing Up:

Though there exist different meanings for the acronym, “Ops”. Meaning Slang Ops carries on social media platforms like Instagram, is opinions.

Since the trend “ops” is rising with time, more and more netizens are using it for asking their followers to give their honest opinions on someone or something and share thoughts on someone’s stories or in personal chat.

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