[2023] Freeze the Firewall : Here is how to Unblock Websites Behind a Firewall

There are multiple occasions when you are trying to browse a website but found that it is blocked. The internet connection is stable but still the website just won’t work! Usually some of the websites are blocked by the government and some sites are blocked by the owners in your region. If you’re working for an organization, they also block multiple social media and entertainment websites. If you really want to access any blocked site, today we will tell you how to freeze the firewall and unblock websites in 2023.

What is Freeze the Firewall?

Freezing the firewall means bypassing the firewall. You can either deactivate it or try different tactics to bypass it. You can switch the network or access the website from the IP address associated to it. In this article we will tell you how to do that and access blocked websites to browse them easily.

Bypass Firewalls by Switching the Network

If you’re at work or at university, you might not be able to access multiple websites on the network. Because the administrators usually block social media sites and high bandwidth using sites like YouTube on network. If this is the case, you can switch to your mobile data to access this websites and browse the website you want.

If you are able to access the website on your 4G network, it means that the network administrator has blocked this website on Wi-Fi so you can not use it on their Wi-Fi. If you believe the site shouldn’t be blocked, you can ask them to unblock it.

Restart your Modem

If your modem or internet service provider assigns you a dynamic IP address, then restarting your modem could also help. In case a website has blocked your IP address, you can restart the modem to generate a new dynamic IP address. But, if your provider has provided you with a static IP address, this method won’t work.

Visit the Website through IP Address

Every website is associated to an IP address. Usually when government blocks a website, they don’t only block the domain but also block server IP address too. But, still you can give it a try. There are multiple tools available on internet that you can use to find the IP address of a particular website. Just put that IP address in ULR bar of your browse and hit enter to access the website.

This IP address connects you directly to the server where the blocked website is hosted. Also it will load all the content, text, images and videos on your URL.

One such IP finder tool is IPvoid’s Website IP Finder that you can use for solving this purpose.

Access a Blocked Site by viewing its Google Cache Version

Google regularly caches each and every page that appears in search results. If the site you’re trying to access has been cached by google and you don’t want to access any member pages on it, you can check it from cache version of the page.

To access a cached page, follow the below mentioned steps:

1. Search for the website on Google.
2. On search results page, click on the 3 dot menu beside URL of website you want to access.
3. From menu, select cached and you’re ready to go!

Use a VPN or Proxy

When you use a VPN or Proxy, it masks your original IP behind a fake one. So, if a website is blocked in your geographical area, using a VPN or proxy could help you access it.

You can use proxy or VPN from a different country. There are multiple free and paid VPN services available in market. Some VPN are available as extensions and can be added to your browser. All you need to do is, just connect the VPN to an specific location and access the website.

Try Tor Browser

If nothing works, your last chance is Tor Browser. Just like a VPN or proxy, Tor also hides the location and IP address of its user. So, when you access the website using Tor browser, you will be assigned a new IP address to access the website.

Tor diverts your traffic through different servers hosted by worldwide volunteers. That means using Tor browser, you can access a website even if they are blocked on other browsers.


How do I get past Access Denied sites?

You can get past access denied sites by using a VPN or Proxy or can try methods mentioned above.

How do you Freeze the Firewall to access blocked sites?

There are various methods to freeze your PC’s firewall and access blocked sites on internet. You can use VPN, proxy or try the methods mentioned in this article.

Can I access blocked websites for free?

Yes! There are multiple VPN services that allow you to access their services for free. However, they aren’t so fast and reliable.

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