“Instagram music not available for some accounts”: Get the error fixed easily & quickly

Adding music to your stories is one the latest inclusion of feature on Instagram to make your videos more engaging and interesting. But, it might have happened to you that while trying to add music to IG reels or just when you tap on a particular music piece, you won’t be able to listen it but receive an error message instead.

The error message either reads ‘Instagram music is not available for some accounts’ or ‘Instagram music isn’t available in your region’.  Further if the issue prolonged and you repeatedly get such messages which forbid you from seeing the Music feature on Instagram, there’s probably something you must try to get it fixed.

So if your account is the one for which Instagram music is not available, here’s how you can get out of this situation and resolve the issue manually by practicing the methods suggested here in this blog.

But before moving forth, you must learn a bit about what Instagram music is not available for some accounts means and what the potential reasons behind this problem are.

What does “Instagram music is not available for some accounts” mean?

If you are encountered with “Instagram Music is not available for some accounts” error message on your Instagram, this could possibly mean that Instagram has just disabled the Music feature for your account or your account is affected by bug.

Let’s go through the next section below that will explain why you are facing this issue and let you be aware of the probable reasons and feasible remedies to fix this issue.

Why does it show that Instagram music is not working?

In recent times, Instagram has introduced a feature to add music for pictures and videos before sharing them on the platform. However, from time to time you find that the feature does not work well and shows up an error message on some accounts when users try to add music to their stories. The potential reasons for getting this message are listed as under:

  • Instagram offers this feature only in some selected countries and your country might not be included therein.
  • If you are operating a business account, then you are unable to get benefits of this music feature as it should be.
  • You have an outdated version of Instagram app installed on your device.
  • The problem is likely to occur due to some Bug or Virus on your Instagram.
  • When you are facing network issues or have poor internet connection you may ended up with this message at times.
  • One more possibility is that your account is blocked by Instagram.

Having understood the reasons for getting this Instagram music not available message, let’s dive into the solutions which may help you to get the issue fixed easily and quickly.

Fixing Instagram music is not available for some accounts

If music feature is not showing up for your account, there are various methods you can try to get rid of this problem. Here’s short briefing about them:

Basic Troubleshoot:

In order to resolve Instagram music is not available for your account error message you must first consider to apply basic troubleshooting method by restarting or reboot your device, and check for the internet connections. You can also get the Instagram app uninstalled from your phone and then getting it installed afresh to see if the problem is fixed.

Once done with the basic troubleshoot you can try your luck by switching your account on Instagram from Business to Personal or the other way around. Further you can even turn on any VPN and then check the music feature (let the target country on VPN be USA, since the music feature on Instagram is available there.)

Let’s understand these methods in detail by taking them one by one.

Fix#1: Restart your Device

Let you put the first thing first, start with the basic troubleshoot by restarting your device. Just power off the device and wait for couple of minutes and then turn it on back again. Now launch the Instagram app and check if the problem is fixed or not.

Fix#2: Uninstall & Reinstall Instagram App

One of the most effective and handy method to fix the error is to uninstall the app from your device and then reinstalling it back again. Following steps are to be performed to get the job done using this method:

  • First go to the shortcut icon of Instagram, long press it and then tap on uninstall/remove.
  • Then navigate to the respective app store and look for Instagram app.
  • Download it and get it installed by following the on-screen instruction and wait for the process to complete.
  • Once the app is reinstalled open it to see if the problem is resolved.

Fix#3: Switch the Type of Instagram Account You Posses

In case you are operating a business account then you must try to change it to a personal account and see if Instagram music feature shows up. For switching accounts on Instagram you need to undertake following steps:

  • Launch Instagram app on your device.
  • Go to the Settings option.
  • Then tap on the Account tab.
  • Finally, under the Account tab, select “Switch to a personal account” to change the type of account.

Fix#4: Clear Cache Memory

If you are an Android user, one way to fix this problem is to clear the App Cache for the Instagram. Using the steps provided below:

  • Open Settings on your device and go to Apps & notifications.
  • Locate Instagram and tap it.
  • Finally select Storage and tap on Clear cache.

Fix#5: Update the Instagram App to Remove Bugs

Since one of the potential reasons for this issue is Instagram itself or some bug on the app, hence to solve this issue you can just update your Instagram app.

In case you are facing the issue due to the bug on your account type then with a bit of luck on your side merely getting the latest updates for app might work well for you to solve the issue.

So, if the music feature is not working for your account then certainly you need to update the app. Just navigate to the app store or play store, install the latest version of the app and update it.

Fix#6: Login From Alternate Device

One of the ways to resolve the problem is to try logging in to Instagram from some other device. Many users have managed to resolve the problem this way. If you too are luck enough then possibly it will work for you as well.

Fix#7: Use VPN

One possible way to fix the issue is that you can use VPN of some other country where the Instagram music feature is available. By using VPN, you can make music feature of Instagram available on your account if in case such service isn’t meant for your area or blocked in your country.

Hence, to get rid of the problem all you need is to search for the best VPN system and take hold of one that is free to use.

Note: While using the VPN system on an Android or iPhone device, try to hide your original IP address.

Fix#8: Contact Instagram Support Team

Finally if nothing goes your way, the best you can now do is to report the matter to Instagram support team. To raise the issue and let it to the knowledge of support team you can contact Instagram using steps as:

  • Head go to your profile and then tap on the ‘Hamburger’ button provided on top-right.
  • Next, tap on ‘Settings’ and then go to ‘Help.’
  • Now, tap on ‘Report a problem’, followed by hitting the ‘Report a problem’ option once again.
  • Provide a short description of the issue on the next page and add the screenshot if possible.
  • Lastly, tap on ‘Submit’ button to report the issue and then wait for Instagram to fix the problem.

That’s it. The methods above will help you in getting rid of errors on the app and let you to use the music feature. Thus by applying these methods you can fix “Instagram music not available for some account”

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