“We Limit How Often…” Instagram Error: Key Pointers & Easy Fix

Netizens nowadays are very keen to spend most of their time surfing one or the other site over the internet. They also keep themselves busy on various social media platforms to obtain information and updates on things, places or people they follow or care about. One of the most preferred destinations used for this sake is Instagram. As a matter of fact, ardent Insta users somewhat regularly receive an error message stating ‘We limit how often you can do certain things on Instagram to protect our community. Tell us if you think we made a mistake.’ If you have just encountered the same and wonder what it is, here’s a must read article for you.

What does “We limit how often….” Instagram error mean?

In the light of its user’s safety and well-being, Instagram has a set of rules and regulations. “We limit how often….” Instagram error message is a sort of restriction imposed on users in this direction.

The “We limit how often…” error is totally different from the Instagram action blocked error. It prevents the users to scroll through their feeds and restrict the further use Instagram for socializing and networking via specified accounts which violate Instagram’s privacy policy or the terms and services.

Instagram often limits the users from most of the activities they regularly do on the platform such as liking, following, commenting, direct texting, story posting and so on. And you must know your limitations as a user on Instagram, to be save from being banned or getting your actions blocked on Instagram.

This blog post will tell you everything you must be aware of and let you learn the know-hows about these Instagram limits being put in place and also to fix “We limit how often…” Instagram error. So let’s get going to explore more….

Why does Instagram Limits your actions?

You must note that there are certain reasons behind the occurrence of this error. We limit how often.. Instagram error may result because of spamming activities like mass following or unfollowing, commenting etc.; or it could be due to violation of policy guidelines of Instagram. Below are the main reasons behind getting this error:

Instagram wants to avoid spam:

If involved in performing actions on mass level, for instance following people at bulk, commenting similar messages repeatedly, liking posts at unusual rate or alike, then Instagram may think of you as a bot, and hence to avoid spam they poise limit on users.

Low trust score for account:

The account trust score indicates and denotes how Instagram ranks your profile. You are ranked depending upon your actions and can be regards as either trustworthy or spam-like. Accounts with low trust scores are s are considered spam and at risk of being limit. 

How long does Instagram “We limit how often…” error last?

In general, these system generated restrictions are imposed and/or removed automatically. It may possibly take you anything in between 2 hours to 48 hours to get out of the situation subject to the trust score of your account.

However, the error lasts for maximum of two working days and you get your account restored back within 24 to 48 hours. In case you fail to get it back in the specified time duration of 48 hours then you must contact Instagram help center to report the issue and get it fixed. Here’s how to do so:

How to Report the issue to Instagram seeking a fix:

Even after following the above two methods, if the error persists, the last and final thing remaining to do is ‘Report a problem‘ to Instagram.

  • Open Instagram app on your device and go to your profile section.
  • Here tap the gear icon to open ‘Settings’ and then tap on ‘Help’.
  • Now locate ‘Report a Problem’ option and tap it.
  • Type in the issue you are facing and provide details about the error in the box (you can also add a screenshot of the same).
  • Thereafter submit your request and wait for the Instagram team to respond you.

This will certainly help you in getting the “We limit how often…” Instagram issue resolved.

Note: Before reporting the issue to Instagram you must try to resolve “We limit how often…” Instagram error either by switching to some alternative device/account or try changing password for your current Instagram account.

You must be aware of the limits on your Instagram account with respect to common activities to be performed by you. Below are the limits provided for following, commenting and so on.

Limit for Instagram Comments and Captions Per Day

The Comment limits of Instagram

Usually, Instagram let the users to post around 180 to 200 comments in a day still the number is not fixed and may differ depending on your Instagram account. It is to be noted that in case of recently created accounts or for new users, the limit could be even lesser than above mentioned limit.

Thus you should comment well within the limit to prevent blocking of your Instagram account. Moreover must also stay away from commenting the same text matter over and over again which might give an impression of a bot like behaviour or spamming.

The Caption limits of Instagram:

Do remember that the Instagram caption must not contain more than 2,200 characters. You should be keeping your caption short and precise.

Limit for Instagram Posts/Story Per Day

Instagram has no restriction on the number of post a user can share in a day or over a period of time. You can post as many post in the form of pictures, videos, reels, etc., the only condition is that you can share only 10 images/videos in the course of a single post.

In addition to that, there is also no limit on the number of posts to be saved, which are posted by other Instagram users.

But when it comes to Instagram Story there is a ceiling limit of 100, which means you are not allowed to upload more than 100 posts to your story.

Limit for Following or Unfollowing Per Day

With respect to following/unfollowing people on Instagram, one can do so a combined count of maximum of 200 people per day, and includes hourly limit of 20-30 accounts.

This means that within a time span of 24 hours, you can follow/un-follow 200 users on Instagram in totality. For instance if you follow 120 accounts then you can only be able to unfollow 80 accounts, as total number of following and unfollowing must not exceed 200.

Limit for Deleting Instagram Posts Per Day

There is no limit in this regard and you can delete as many posts which you feel to be of no relevance. Although there is no such rule subject to the total of maximum number of deletes the only restriction is that you need to delete posts one at a time but not altogether at once.

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