Can Someone See If You Searched them on LinkedIn?

if you search for someone on linkedin will they know

When we say LinkedIn, generally a professional social media platform image pops up in mind, and that’s somewhat a correct persona of the brand. Through this social media platform, professionals from all across the globe are able to connect with each other, add resumes, find jobs, expand their experience and what not! Though, LinkedIn is just like Facebook and Twitter, but due to its formal nature, it’s generally perceived to be a little complicated platform, leading to doubts like if you search for someone on LinkedIn will they know?

LinkedIn may seem to be a bit hard to decode platform, but in reality, it’s not much of a fuss. Other than its formal aspects, rest all functionality is quite similar to platforms like Facebook. You are free to search for someone on LinkedIn, and vice versa. So, in this case, you may have a lot of concerns in mind. Thankfully, through this article, we are going to tackle the doubts related to the searching of someone on the social media platform.

If you search for someone on Linkedin will they know?

Thankfully, it doesn’t matter whom you search for on LinkedIn, they won’t be notified of it. If you look at it from a rational point of view, it’s not practically possible as when you initiate a search for a name, a variety of results (loads) pop up. LinkedIn runs on an algorithm and there’s no way, it can know whom you are searching for. Henceforth, not knowing, whom to notify.

Though, there’s a catch in the situation! If you actually end up clicking on a profile, the other person will get notified that you have clicked on their profile. Fortunately, there’s a way to change this and we will be discussing about that in just a moment.

Steps To Hide Your Identity During LinkedIn Profile Viewed Alert

  • Login to your LinkedIn profile
  • Head to the Settings & Privacy Tab
  • Follow the sequence, How others see your LinkedIn activity > Profile viewing options > choose Private Mode or Private profile characteristics.
  • That’s it! Alternatively, you could also search for the respective individuals through Incognito mode. The outcome would still be the same; anonymity.


We have seen that generally people refrain from using LinkedIn as they have a stereotype set in their minds that it’s a social media platform which is hard to crack. Some who even end up trying out LinkedIn, are not able to make the most out of the platform. We don’t entirely blame the general Internet audience for it as this was and maybe still is the case to some extent. But, in the recent times, LinkedIn has seriously became a great place for networking and expanding your horizons and experience.

In this article, we focused on the question that has been troubling the new users of LinkedIn; who searched you on LinkedIn. We hope that you would now know that if you search for someone on LinkedIn will they know or not. That being said, if you still have any queries, hit us in the comments box below.

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