How To Hide What Filter You Used On Snapchat?

Snapchat is known for its playful and creative filters that add a touch of magic to our snaps. Sometimes, though, we may want to keep the filter we used a secret or surprise our friends with an unexpected look. Today we will tell you how to hide what filter you used on snapchat to maintain an air of mystery and keep your friends guessing.

How To Hide What Filter You Used On Snapchat?

Capture Without Saving:

One way to hide the filter you used on Snapchat is by capturing the photo or video without saving it to your Memories. When you take a snap using a filter, tap on the small download arrow at the bottom of the screen to prevent the snap from being saved to your device. This way, you can share the snap with the filter but avoid leaving any trace of it on your phone.

Use the Edit Feature:

After applying a filter to your snap, you can use the editing tools available on Snapchat to remove or adjust the filter’s appearance. Tap on the pencil icon to access the editing options, and then use tools like the eraser or the draw feature to cover or modify the filter’s effects. This technique allows you to alter the appearance of the snap while still maintaining the element of surprise.

Utilize Additional Apps:

There are various third-party apps available that enable you to edit or hide the filter you used on Snapchat. These apps provide advanced editing features that allow you to remove or modify filters from your snaps. Simply import your snap into one of these apps, make the desired edits, and save the modified version to your device. You can then share the edited snap on Snapchat without revealing the original filter.

Explore the Sticker Library:

Snapchat offers a vast collection of stickers that can be used to cover up or divert attention from the filter you applied. After capturing your snap with the desired filter, tap on the sticker icon and browse through the available options. Choose a sticker that complements your snap or aligns with the story you want to tell, and place it strategically to hide the filter or draw focus away from it.


Snapchat filters are a fun and creative way to enhance our snaps, but sometimes we may want to keep the filter we used a secret. In this article, we delved into some techniques to hide the filter you used on Snapchat, allowing you to maintain an air of mystery and surprise your friends. Remember to experiment with different methods and explore the editing features available on Snapchat and other apps to customize your snaps to your liking.

So go ahead, embrace your inner secret-keeper, and enjoy the excitement of revealing your snaps without giving away the filter you used. Get creative, experiment with different approaches, and have fun keeping your friends guessing. Happy snapping!

Note: Remember to respect others’ privacy and use these techniques responsibly.

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