“Found You via LinkedIn Profile”: An Insightful Guide

Found You via LinkedIn Profile

While you may be anxious to know who has viewed your profile and what does “Found You via LinkedIn Profile” or similar phrases means?  We have compiled this article to present you different methods by which people can discover or found you on LinkedIn.

Introduced in 2003, LinkedIn is mainly featured to be a professional platform wherein employers find prospective employees by posting jobs as well as job seekers can get opportunities by posting their resumes. LinkedIn let the users to create profiles and “connect” with others to meet their real business needs. They can also build professional relationships and grow their network by inviting as many people to become a “connection”.

Knowing who has viewed your LinkedIn Profile:

LinkedIn notifies its users when someone views the profile. If you want to know who visited your profile, you can do that by visiting “Who’s Viewed My Profile” section on LinkedIn. It will display details of each visitor including their name, profile photo, their title, how connected they are to you, when they have viewed your profile, and even from where they came to your LinkedIn profile.

Where Do People See Your Profile On Homepage?

Your profile may appear on various hook and corner on someone’s profile page. Mainly it includes sections given below:

  • People Also Viewed
  • Articles & Activity
  • Skills & Endorsements

How People Can Find You On LinkedIn?

Let’s get into exploring the ways by which someone can find you on LinkedIn. In all there are four general possibilities which are listed as under.

  • Via Homepage.
  • Via Linkedin Profile.
  • Via LinkedIn Company Pages.
  • Via LinkedIn Search.
  • via Google search

What does found you via Homepage mean?

The homepage appears upfront on your screen as soon as you log in to your LinkedIn account. As the name suggest “Found you via homepage” means that the person has viewed your profile after finding a suggestion about you somewhere on their home page.

In other words, this means that your profile featured in newsfeed and the person has clicked it to get on to your profile. Maybe you liked an article or commented on a post shared by your connect and hence your profile appeared as a LinkedIn offer to specific user’s feed on their home page.

What does found you via LinkedIn Profile mean?

The most probable way by which one can visit your profile is by finding via LinkedIn profile. “Found you via your LinkedIn profile” means that the person has found your LinkedIn profile following a suggestion on some other LinkedIn user’s profile, or it is more likely that the person by now is one from your connections but has visited to your profile followed a link from an existing connected person.

The greater part of such views generally comes from “People also viewed section”. There is also a chance that you may receive this type of views from “Viewers of this profile also viewed“option.

What does found via LinkedIn Company Pages mean?

Another way by which people can discover you on LinkedIn is from pages which you followed. “Found via LinkedIn company pages” means that the person has found your LinkedIn profile on the page of a company/organization which you have followed, liked, commented on, or mentioned as your workplace.

Thus you must ensure to mention workplace in the “Experience” section of your LinkedIn profile. In addition to that you should not follow (“Add interests on LinkedIn“) any random pages, rather these pages must be more relative and reflective of your professional background that match. This will obviously pull the right set of people to your profile.

What does found you via LinkedIn Search means?

The most common practice of looking for people on LinkedIn is by typing there name in the LinkedIn Search bar. “Found via LinkedIn Search” simply means that someone has viewed your profile subsequent to your profile appearing in search results. Just similar to other social media platforms LinkedIn too has an integral search engine with all inclusive database of its user.

It is highly recommended to use your real name for LinkedIn profile so that it may give away more precise chance of you being reflected while a make search by name. This way you become more searchable and easy to get to!

What does found you via Google Search means?

This is by far the most rare to get. As the name indicates “Found you via Google Search” means the person by means of entering a string on Google search engine and happens to comes across your profile. If that is the case, Kudos to your impact – it is only engagement and content creation that ended up in such high ranking of your LinkedIn profile on Google.

What makes your Profile an easy found on LinkedIn?:

If you get a lot of users visiting your profile by “Found you via homepage”, this is the real sign of you having a healthy connection and good reach to your target audience.

On the contrary, if these visits to your profiles come by other ways indicates a poor presence among your LinkedIn audience. As a result of this you should step up and increase your engagement on LinkedIn. It can be done by being more active in terms of commenting and liking on the posts and be interactive with connections around.

One more point to be taken into consideration is to change the profile settings, from “private mode” to “public mode”

That’s all from our side. We have covered the different ways that people try to find you on LinkedIn and how you can increase the likelihood of getting more visits on your profile. Hope this article will help you to increase your presence as well as reach on LinkedIn.

Can someone see my LinkedIn Profile Anonymously?

Yes! One can check your profile on LinkedIn Anonymously.

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