Let’s Talk E-Book vs. Paper Book in 2023: Which One Is Better?

The digital revolution has not spared one of the oldest means for information storage – books. Currently, the Internet provides a large number of resources where you can find electronic versions of books of various genres.

Now one can often hear a belief that soon electronic books will almost completely supersede traditional paper ones. However, if we discard emotions and approach this issue more carefully, it will become obvious that the rumours about the imminent demise of paper books are greatly exaggerated.

Advantages of an E-Book

Of course, it is too early to talk about the complete disappearance of traditional books. At the same time, one cannot deny the fact that the development of digital technologies will change the way we perceive information radically in the near future.

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Distribution of information in electronic form allows you to use a number of new features that paper publications lack:

  • cross-references,
  • contextual searches,
  • access to dictionaries and reference books,
  • the ability to send an e-book almost instantly to any place in the world.

An e-book can be downloaded from a website, sent to friends via messengers or email, burned to a flash drive, etc. And if you want to try to order a customized e-book or some college papers, you could try here to get the best result.

Finding the right quote in the e-book is much easier than in the paper one, as well as finding an unfamiliar word in the explanatory dictionary or finding out its translation if the book is written in a foreign language.

In addition, in electronic libraries, you can find books that were released many years ago, and for one or another reason, have not been reprinted since.

Disadvantages of an E-Book

Nevertheless, electronic books (at least at the present stage of development) have a very serious disadvantage, which is the imperfection of the devices used for reading. After all, the displays of desktop computers, laptops, and e-book readers are very poorly adapted for reading texts of big volume.

Another important disadvantage of using e-books is the changes in the familiar page structure. In most cases, the text of the e-book will be formatted completely differently on the screens of various devices.

No one talks about compliance with the most simple rules of a book layout in such a format. As a result, the reader needs much more effort to perceive the text he has read.

There is also a whole bunch of problems associated with the protection of the property rights of authors and publishers. It’s extremely difficult to control the distribution of an electronic copy of a book – especially if its text has appeared at least once on any resource in the public domain.

Ensuring reliable protection of the contents of electronic books today is a practically insoluble task.

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