Wanna Watch Cartoons Online for Free : Here’s A List of Must Watch Websites

Watch Cartoons Online for Free

Watch Cartoons Online For Free: No matter what age we are, there’s always a kid inside all of us. Having that said, Cartoons are an all-time preferred choice to one and all for spending the leisure time. Though anime are an inevitable part of every child’s life, grown-ups too can’t resist cartoons and keeping themselves away from laughing at them. Since the coming out of first cartoon film around a century ago, quite a few generations have turned adult watching animated series and cartoon films.

Regardless of you being a teenager or an adult, you may often miss the cartoons you used to look at as a kid. And it is owing to the busy schedule and shouldered responsibilities that you couldn’t spare time for the kid within you. But worry not in today’s digital world you can easily watch your favorite kids show or cartoon online in your free time.

So if you are looking to watch an old cartoon online or look to go for a new animated series, there are always these cartoon streaming sites which one can surf to watch cartoons for free.

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Here we have compiled a list of selected websites (in alphabetical order) to watch cartoons online for free. Read through the blog post and let the kid inside you cherish and enjoy free cartoons online by logging on to the cartoon streaming websites mentioned herein.


Website: https://www.cartoonito.co.uk/

Cartoonito is UK based free website, owned by the Turner Gathering. This cartoon site highlight an extremely alluring interface for kids. It will help you to get in touch with some of the old classic cartoon shows like Looney Toons and Bob the Builder which will ensure you a pleasant time.

The site provides educational as well as fun videos for children so that they can grow and learn better. These videos will surely let speedy intellectual growth and general improvement of your child. Other than this Cartoonito also offers games, melodies and exercises which can help you to spend leisure time. With all these offerings this is a must-visit cartoon streaming site.

Cartoon Network

Website: https://www.cartoonnetwork.com/

Yes, you can always stream Cartoon Network site to watch cartoons online for free. Cartoon Network has brought a great number of cartoon shows ranging from Tom and Jerry to Popeye the sailor. They have produced some of the best classic anime and cartoon series which have made the childhood days of 90’s kids special.

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Apart from cartoon shows and movies Cartoon Network brings you the gaming features too. Hence with streaming great cartoon series, you can also enjoy games based on the respective cartoon series characters. Thus, for all these reasons, it ranks high in the list of cartoons online free websites.

Cartoons On

Website: https://www.cartoonson.tv/

Cartoons On has always been ranked among the best sites to watch cartoons online. The obvious reason behind this is that the site has widest collection of cartoons, shows, and movies in HD quality. It provides you content with filters based on characters, studios, shows, and series. Moreover this site offers cartoon stream for free as well as it has a user-friendly interface.

Though it turns out to be the best site to watch Cartoons Online For Free, you might face some advertisements while you watch cartoons online. Hence to avoid such kind of inconvenience one can download Adblock plus. Adblock Plus will help you to stream online cartoon shows and movies break-free.

Comedy Central

Website: http://www.cc.com/

Comedy Central is a cartoon site having a great collection of animated movies and cartoon series. Here you can get popular series like Drawn Together, Futurama, Professional Therapist, South Park, Ugly Americans and much more. Comedy Central requires no signing up and the content provided therein is absolutely free of charge.

Disney Junior

Website: https://disneynow.com/all-shows/disney-junior

Disney Junior is the perfect site for people who prefer to watch well known Disney kid’s shows including the likes of Mickey Mouse, Duck Tales, and so forth. You can watch a range of Disney cartoons online here on this site without any subscription or membership fee.

The interface of the site is pretty simple and it is very easy to find a desirable cartoon or movie. What’s more, on Disney Junior you can get additional access to features such as gaming, music, with downloading cartoon apps and so on. Regrettably the website is blocked in few countries, but you can still access it using a VPN to watch your favorite cartoon online.


Website: https://www.fox.com/entertainment/

Fox is one of the most well-liked TV channels. As you might be knowing that they broadcast cartoons as well. The channel has introduced some of the best cartoons for grownups including Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, The Simpsons and many more.

Even though it has a limited anime and cartoons archive, they are highly popular and enjoyable. If you wish to enjoy any of these, you can ask your cable provider to grant access of the channel or you can just simply log on to the official website of Fox to access such comic stuff.


Website: https://www.hulu.com/

Hulu ranks as the best entertainment websites to watch cartoons online. It provides you with high-quality videos or shows without any restriction.

However, there is a ruin that it isn’t open in all parts of the world barring nations like the UK, the US, and so on. For this, you need to utilize a VPN. One can get a PD-Proxy Premium Account from here. If you are an Android user then you can use DroidVPN for the same purpose. This way you will be able to watch Cartoons Online For Free on Hulu.

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Website: https://www.netflix.com/

Netflix is yet another great platform. You can find funny cartoons as new series are being released every now and then on Netflix. Additionally you can look for older comic stuff too. There are animated shows for grown ups which can be enjoyed by the whole family. In the nutshell, you will surely get something for everyone herein.

The only problem you might face with Netflix is that, this isn’t available for free, but you can enjoy cartoon via a free trial and, moreover, you can ask your friend to share their login and password if you don’t wish to go for subscribing yourself for Netflix services.

Nick Toons

Website: http://www.nicktoons.co.uk/

Nick.com is yet another top ranked site for cartoon lovers. You can navigate to the website to watch many of the interesting and fun-filled anime and cartoon. If you are an admirer of Power Ranger series then this website will provide you best experience. The web app contains cartoons exclusively of Nick. Some of the best cartoons such as SpongeBob Square Pants, Jimmy Neutron, Avatar and many more are available here.

Besides that, the site contains contests for users adding to their interest. Into the bargain to cartoon shows it also has games related to cartoon character for users’ fun and excitement.

This site allows you to view online cartoon series for free, without any signing-in. These are the key features on basis of which it qualifies in online free cartoon websites list.

Super Cartoons

Website: https://www.supercartoons.net/

The next amazing site for online cartoon follower is super cartoons. One problem with this site is you cannot watch animes here but one can enjoy the traditional kid’s shows like bugs rabbit, Popeye. The web app contains all episodes of the evergreen cartoon series the pink panther.

For each animation character, an alternate classification is given. So you can look as indicated by your preferred animation character. It very well may be effectively gushed from any cell phone to watch kid’s shows online free. Thus it ranks in our list of best sites to watch cartoons online free.


Website: http://www.toonjet.com/

ToonJet-online cartoons

Toonjet too is quite a good pick due to its large catalog of excellent animes. It has all the online cartoons shows you can think of, ranging from Tom and Jerry to Popeye it has every cartoon show available on a click. It has a great variety of old animes and is referred to as heaven for you if interested in classics.

The best thing about Toonjet is that you can watch cartoons online for free and even with no signing in. Though it is not necessary to sign in to surf this cartoon streaming site but signing in will reward you with some extra features.

Watch Cartoon Online

Website: https://watchcartoonsonline.biz/

Watch Cartoon online has some of the best collection of cartoon shows including the likes of Clarence Episode, Teen Titans Go, Uncle Grandpa, and many more. It has a collected works of best anime of all times available at no cost. The no apparent reason it could be left out and is worth a visit site to watch online cartoons.


Website: https://www.youtube.com/

cartoon sites-watch-cartoon

It might be astonishing but the answer is yes. You can stream online cartoons for free at YouTube with no hassle. It has the best user-friendly interface, where you just have to look for the preferred cartoon in the search bar to get it for free. Plus it is one of Google’s products so trust and credibility have always been associated herewith.

One of the best features it includes is Wish list. You can add videos of your choice to the wish list and watch them later as per your expediency. The android version of the app also allows you to save videos offline. Hence it makes up to the list of best sites to watch cartoons online for free.


So this is our pick of a few finest sites where you can view online cartoons for free. Watch your favorite anime and cartoon series on these platforms and let the child within you enjoy cherish and have fun.

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