How to block or Skip Ads on Hulu

Hulu is a video service, which people can use to watch various TV shows. The aim of the app is to focus on new TV shows. People have to purchase a monthly subscription for the app. In some cases, people have to wait for a day or a week to see the new episodes of popular TV shows. People have to pay only the required fee and there is no hidden cost. All the shows consist of ads, which may be irritating and people need to block Hulu ads so that they do not interrupt the show. In this article, we will see the process of blocking Hulu ads.

block hulu ads

People who are fans of watching TV shows on Hulu do not like to see ads and popups, as they are very annoying. People always try to find many ways through which they can get rid of ads and watch the shows interruptedly. Let us see how to block Hulu ads.

Adblock Plus

adblock that works on hulu

Adblock Plus is a browser plugin, which people can install on their browsers to skip Hulu ads. This is one of the best plugin Adblock that works on Hulu. This plugin does not have the capability to remove the ad but it shows a blank screen instead. It is a very effective plugin and prevents ads from showing up. One disadvantage of this plugin is that some of the videos don’t play if this plugin is active. On deactivating the plugin, the videos will play along with ads.

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People love to watch TV shows on Hulu from their mobiles and laptops. Blokada is an app that helps the people to block ads on mobile when they are watching shows on Hulu. There are many options available in this app, which help the people to get around Hulu ads. This app is considered one of the effective ways of blocking ads. This is a third-party app and people can use it for block Hulu ads android.

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People just need to install the app on Android phones. After installation, users can open the app and tap on the Blacklist option. Here an option is available called Goodbye ads and users have to click it to skip commercials on Hulu. Blokada can block only some ads on Hulu and not all of them. If the AdBlock Plus plugin is also installed, the app will work fine.

Enounce MySpeed

Enounce MySpeed is a software that people can use to block ads on Hulu. The app does not block the ads but it increases their speed so that people do not get irritated. The app fast forwards the ad and in this way, it acts as an ad skipper.

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People will not have to wait for a long time to complete the ad and then watch the show. The app is not available for free and people have to pay around $29.99 to purchase the app and use its features. A trial pack of seven days is also available and people can install it to try the app before making a purchase. The price of the app is not very high and people can purchase it to get rid of ads.

Refresh the page

There are many people who do not want to install any plugin or purchase any app. These people also think about how to skip ads on Hulu. People can still get rid of Hulu ads. People need to refresh the page, which will reduce the duration of ads. The ads will not be blocked or removed but they will be shortened and people need not wait for a long time to watch their favourite shows. The ads present in the Hulu app are of varying lengths. Some of them have a length of four minutes, which is very irritating. The length of such ads can be shortened by refreshing the page.

Open two tabs for the same program

People can open the same program in two tabs. The trick is that one of the tabs should be muted while users can watch the show in the other tab. People can find the ad in the track bar and they can forward the show to that mark in the second tab. After doing this, the users can watch the movie or the show in the first tab.  When an ad starts in the first tab, users can mute it and switch to the second tab to watch the program. This is one of the effective ways of getting rid of ads and there is no need to use any plugin or app to block the ads.

Purchase premium version of Hulu

One more thing that people can do to get rid of ads is to buy the premium version of Hulu. The premium version will block all the popups and ads and people can watch their favourite shows without any interruption. Besides blocking ads and popups, people get many other features, which they can use to customize the interface. The premium version of the app has the starting cost of $11.99. Some ad blocking apps and plugins cost more than the cost of the apps while some of them are not effective. So purchasing the premium version is not a big problem.

Usage of web filtering

People can block all types of ads with the help of web filtering. They can access router control management and go to Access control or Parental control. Now follow the steps below.

  1. Connect the device like a mobile or laptop to Wi-Fi.

2. Open the browser and enter the IP Address The IP address of the router varies so check and then enter it.

3. Search the web filtering option.

4. Add the URL

5. Click the Apply button and restart the router.

The URL is the one that is responsible for the ads in Hulu. All the ads will be blocked and people can enjoy shows and movies without seeing the irritating ads.

Users can upgrade to Hulu Plus

One of the most effective ways to block ads on Hulu is that users can upgrade their app to Hulu Plus. This is a plan, which Hulu provides to users to get rid of ads while watching movies or favorite shows. Users can try the upgrade for a month, as the trial version is available. After that, they have to purchase the upgrade.

Hulu ads can be blocked on Android

People can also use the Hulu app on Android and they can block ads on the device. In the case of non-rooted devices, users can install various kinds of ad-blocking apps. These apps are not perfect but can help in blocking some ads if not all. In such a case, Adblocking browsers can be used to watch programs on Hulu.

One such browser is the Brave browser. In the case of rooted devices, Adway app is a good option to use. The app needs some permission in order to filter the ads.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the ways, which users can apply in order to get rid of ads. Some of the plugins and apps block a few ads. Some other techniques help in blocking all types of ads and popups. It is better to use the paid version of Hulu as all the ads and popups are blocked and users can watch the shows and movies without any interruption.

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