Top 10 Best Space documentaries that you should watch in 2023

The modern technologies have uncovered various secrets of our universe like never before. Documentaries with real footage have been changing our perspective on the vastness of the universe and the cosmos. The universe continues to evolve while we are still figuring out various aspects floating around the world. In search of answers different scientist, geologist and experts have explored and observed the play of surprising planets. The enormous implications from the past have opened doors to several theories and fascinating facts. Here is a collection of top 10 best space documentaries that are must watch in 2023!

Documentaries about Space

Visual memories create lasting impressions, hence what better than space documentaries to understand the beauty of our universe. The visually stunning documentaries are incredibly informative and entertaining getting you more intrigued about the other side of the world. Few of the documentaries spark the imaginations and inspire the speculations. The film engages you wholeheartedly into the fine details of discoveries, and reasonable indicate the significant passages of time.

Know the unknowable and discover the mysteries hiding beyond the vast sky. The documentaries shall take you to a world of discoveries that speak of the physics governing our planetary movements. Know the biological component of Earth as well as all the other planets and the universe as a whole. The marvels of the supermassive galaxy, cosmos and everything else are quite the uptick to keep people interested.

Best Documentaries about Space & Universe

There are tons of space documentaries, but we have handpicked a few that will keep you amazed and blow your mind. Here are the best space documentaries that have been receiving praise for its attention and factuality.

Journey to the edge of the Universe

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The Nat Geo documentary is a collection of images from the Hubble telescope and digital imaging of the deepest parts. Explore the beautiful and terrifying glory and delve into everything right from black holes to the middle of galaxies. Know the planets and the orbit like never before. Change the human perception with scientific discoveries and the very nature of cosmos itself with this documentary.

IMAX: Hubble

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The Hubble space telescope is undoubtedly the most valuable humanly possession. With all due credits to the IMAX space team now, the documentary is celebrating its impact on the way humans perceive galaxy. The stunning masterpiece narrates the story of a space shuttle mission to repair and upgrade Hubble.

The documentary gives away valuable insights about the functioning and capability of space shuttle and telescope. It’s worth watching with all the mesmerizing visuals and narration by none other than Leonardo DiCaprio.

The year of Pluto

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This documentary narrates the story of NASA’s mission to send a spaceship for its probe towards a speculated planet Pluto. The in-depth investigation was launched in 2006, but it never reached Pluto until 2015. The BBC documentary stretches to great length exploring the origins and mysteries. Experience the edge of the solar system and the large icy bodies orbiting beyond Jupiter with this documentary.

For all Mankind

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The documentary has won several awards and critics claim it to be the best documentary film in the history. The documentary features official footage taken by the NASA astronauts during various Apollo missions. It contains snippets of interview of the astronauts describing the journey and achievements.

The film depicts the attraction of humankind and the universe at its best.

The Farthest: Voyager in Space

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The Voyager space is one of the most significant achievements in human history. It has given immensurable information with precise details of the universe we are a small part of. The space probes were launched way back in 1977 and until this date it floats through the space capturing visuals that take us by awe.

The beautiful and historical documentary about the human fascination with space travel and cosmos narrates its encounter.

Planet Earth

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The episodic series contains footage that can keep you entertained for hours. Produced by BBC in 2006, the 11 episode series was one of the most expensive documentaries ever made by the network. Every episode takes you to a different part of the world and its habitat. The diversity around the globe is something that everyone must watch.

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

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The documentary is created to take the audience on a journey across the universe, see the invisible and understand the outer space in a better way. It utilizes advanced computer technology to showcase striking visuals and explore the elements of cosmos.

The film is a modern day spin off of Carl Sagan’s original Cosmos series released in 1980.

Orbit: Earths Extraordinary Journey

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He documentary is a must watch for every geography fan. It breaks down the components affecting human life on earth, its rotation around the axis, spin, orbit, tilt, and other natural phenomena. It celebrates the celestial journey from the ebb to the severity of the space beyond. The film focuses on the challenges our planet faces and how it protects us.

The Last man on the Moon

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Gene Cernan, the last man on the moon, so far had an extraordinary journey to the moon. Neil Armstrong is undoubtedly the first man to hit the moon, but the picture is changed down the line. Thanks to advanced technology and researches now we can know much more about the moon than ever before.

The last man recounts the incredible journey and plenty of archival footage that can keep you amazed by the hour.

Secrets of Solar System

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The documentary takes you through the passage of scientific advancements about the nearby celestial bodies. The film rewinds time frame to put forward the facts then and turns the clock around to today when the views are redefined and more precise. There is much yet beyond to be known, but with the digital developments and studies, we soon would have a bright new perspective.

The vast and expansive universe is one of the most captivating subjects of all time.

The universe or the world beyond is filled with fascinating things. Billions of stars, sun, and moon, attract the attention of our naked eyes. But the vastness of space is much more than what meets our eyes. These space documentaries show us the inspiring cosmos with stunning visuals and fascinating explanation. Much of it is known, but more than that remains a mystery. Experience the genuinely worthwhile in some of the best documentaries this weekend.

After all, this is the closest you can get bee unless you are an astronaut or book your ticket to the moon with SpaceX.

Find your Favorite

We have much to learn about the outer world, but we have begun to make profound strides in the area of research. Groundbreaking science experiments and findings usher the human race into exciting new directions. We hope you find your favorite documentary to absorb facts and have a glimpse at the possibilities around the universe.

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