How much Storage does an Xbox One have? Know it here…

Storage does an Xbox One have

Don’t have enough space on your Xbox one console and if you are planning to purchase a used console or for any other reason to mention. You need to assess its price making sure it is worthy of what is being paid for, as the prices largely differ subject to the storage. But it is quite hard to know the size of drive based on price and you should never go by the price you are being charged by the sellers, as they can set it as per their choice. So if you wonder to know about the storage does an Xbox one have and how much you should pay against it, this blog article seems to be of great help to you. Go on to read it to find more….

About Xbox Console:

One comes with two variants, i.e.; Xbox One with 500GB drives and Xbox Ones with 1TB drives. A person may gets confused over and over again on what storage does Xbox one have, whether it is an Xbox console with a 500 GB drive or a 1TB drive as if there appears no physical difference. Both of these variants are alike and the only difference exists between them is that of storage.

The 1TB drive variant is costlier by around $50-60 than the one with 500 GB console. However, the final choice of purchase actually depends on the type of games you are fond of playing as well as and how much you are willing to spend for the Xbox one.

Anyway you must still know how to tell if your Xbox console is 500GB or 1TB. For ensuring how much storage does an Xbox one have, you can take note of following points:

Verify from the Original Packaging

The best and most easy way to tell about the storage of Xbox is by referring the original packaging. If you have it intact or stored it safe, you will be in a position to clearly identify if you have a 1TB or 500GB hard drive.

When it comes to a new Xbox, it will surely be of 1TB as Xbox is now making consoles with 1TB hard drives. Whereas if you are considering any used console you may still find a few having a 500GB hard drive. Thus, if the console has an original packaging, you can look for the size of the storage drive on the box and be assured of the storage space it bears.

Note: You must ensure that the Xbox console complies with the details given on the box and is the same one which came with the box.

Register the Console Online

Another way to know about the storage of Xbox is to sign on to the website and get the device registered. For this you need to navigate to and register the Xbox console thereon. As soon as you register the device, it will give you the details on the amount of storage the Xbox one has. However you will only be provided with the total space available on the hard drive and not the details on how much is available or used.

Look for the Storage on the Console Itself

One of the most practical way by which you can confirm the storage is to look for the storage on the console itself. All you need to do is turn the console on and take the path as; Head to Settings > System > Storage. This will let you know the available storage on the console.

Note: You must note that a 500GB drive will only provide you storage around 362GB remaining, while a 1TB drive, you will get 862GB of usable storage. This is so because the drive itself has some pre-installed software which holds the operating system as well.

To sum up:

Whenever you run out of storage, you can always add an external drive to your Xbox console. If you are deciding about buying a new Xbox One console, you will only get the 1TB models. However, if you opine to purchase a used Xbox console, better to test for how much storage an Xbox one have that you are considering for yourself. The size of the hard drive can be confirmed by using any of the ways mentioned here in the blog article.

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