Recover Yahoo Password without Phone Number and Alternative Email – Easy Steps

Yahoo is one of the most popular platforms when it comes to working with emails. It has plentiful amazing features and offers superior security to its users. Though, the platform is committed and makes sure to render absolute contentment, on occasion things gets complex for some users when they want to recover their Yahoo account.

If you too have lost access to your registered phone number or alternate email address and haven’t linked any further recovery information to get back your Yahoo account and looking for the ways if such accounts are recoverable or not ? Here’s how to recover Yahoo password without phone number and alternative email. So let’s go straight to the point.

How to recover Yahoo account?

If in case you have lost the access to your Yahoo account, normally there are two ways to get back that lost account or on the other hand reset the password if you have just couldn’t remember it. These methods are:

  • Recover Yahoo Account with Phone Number
  • Recover Yahoo Account with Email Address

One can easily recover the lost account using these options. But the things become worse and complicated when you don’t even have the access to phone number or your alternate email which you have provided at the time of creating Yahoo account.

So if that’s the case with you and the main concern of yours is to recover your Yahoo account without a phone number or email address, continue reading the section below to know how you can get your account recovered.

How to recover Yahoo password without phone number and alternative email?    

In order to recover your Yahoo password without a phone number and alternative email, all you have to do is to contact a Yahoo specialist. Just follow this easy guide to get the job done.

To start with the account recovery process, you need to visit the Yahoo login page and then click on “Forgotten password?” option. Next, select “I need more options” and thereafter click on “Visit Help Site”. Subsequently when you are routed on the Yahoo Help site, you have to type in your email address and then select the option called “Contact a Yahoo specialist”.

On the next step you need tochoose “Password and sign in” as a topic and “Unable to change my password” as a sub-topic. Finally, opt for “Email a Yahoo specialist”, fill-up the form provided, and then hit on “Create request” button.

Once you have successfully created a request, wait it out till Yahoo respond to the request you just submitted. Yahoo will send you an email containing the instructional steps to recover your Yahoo account to the email address which you have supplied in the request form.

Easy steps to recover Yahoo password without phone number and alternative email:

Following are the steps you need to undertake for recovering your lost Yahoo account without using registered phone number or any linked alternate email to your account:

Step#1 Navigate to and enter your email

First of all, navigate to the official website of Yahoo by clicking on this link:

Once you have landed on Yahoo, click “Sign in” option provided at the top of the page.

Here enter your Yahoo email address and then click on “Next” to proceed.

Step#2 Click on “Forgotten password?”

Once you have provided your Yahoo email address, you will be asked to enter your password.

As you don’t remember your Yahoo password, click on “Forgotten password?”to proceed to recover your Yahoo account. (You will get to see “Forgotten password?” link beneath the “Next” button)

Step#3 Click on “I need more options”

Soon after you clicked on “Forgotten Password?” you will be provided with a couple of options to sign in to your Yahoo account, including a phone number or an alternate email address.

You can select any of those options to recover your Yahoo account. But since you have no alternate email address linked to your Yahoo account, you won’t get to see that option and you are required to click on “I need more options” instead.

Step#4 Visit the Yahoo Help site

Subsequent to clicking on “I need more options”, You will get a message from Yahoo that reads, “We can’t recover your account online because there are no other options on file for your account”. This implies that Yahoo can’t recover your account.

But there’s nothing to worry about, you still have another option to reset your Yahoo password. For this you need to visit the Yahoo Help site by clicking on “Visit our Help site” link provided underneath the “Start again” button.

Step#5. Enter your Yahoo email and CAPTCHA code

Above step will redirect you on the Yahoo help site. Here, you need to select the “Account” option from the dropdown box and then enter your Yahoo email addressin the “Yahoo email address” field.

Thereafter, enter the CAPTCHA code in the provided box and click on “Get started” to head towards the next step given below.

Step#6 Contact a Yahoo specialist

The next step is to choose a support option from the ones listed thereon. The options are “Contact a Yahoo specialist” and “See product-related help articles”.

Just click on “Contact a Yahoo specialist” and continue with the process.

Step#7 Select “Password and sign in” as Topic

Once you have selected the “Contact a Yahoo specialist” option, you need to opt for a topic.

The options available to choose from includes “Create or delete account”, “Password and sign in”, “Yahoo policy” and so on.

As you are experience a problem with signing in to your Yahoo account due to not remembering your password, select “Password and sign in”.

Step#8 Select “Unable to change my password” as Subtopic

After selecting a topic, you have to opt for a subtopic from the options including “Forgot my Yahoo ID”, “Forgot my password”, “Unable to change my password”, and more.

As you don’t have Yahoo password, select “Unable to change my password” as subtopic and move to the next step.

Step#9 Select “Email a Yahoo specialist”

After picking up a topic and subtopic, go on to select a help method by opting from chat, email, and call.

The “Call” or “Chat” help method are often highly recommended as you can get immediately connected with a Yahoo specialist, but unfortunately these options won’t be available 24/7.

Thus, select “Email a Yahoo specialist” to seek help.

Step#10 Complete the entries in the Form

Clicking on “Email a Yahoo specialist” will redirect you on the “Email a specialist” form which contains more than a few fields that you must complete.

  • First of all, in the “Yahoo ID” field type in your Yahoo email address.
  • Next, in the “Email address that you have access to” field enter your current email address to which you have an access.
  • Now, re-enter the email address in the “Re-enter the email address we should be using to reach you” field.
  • Finally, enter your first name in the “First Name” field and scroll down to find Create request.

Step# 11. Create request

Here you are required togivea description of your issue.

In the “Detailed description of issue” field, explain what assistance you seek from Yahoo in recovering your Yahoo account. Do remember to mention that you don’t have an alternate email and a phone number.

For example you can add a description like this, “Hi Yahoo support, This is to inform that I have forgot my password and hence I am not able to access my account. Also my phone number or an alternate email is not linked to my account. Kindly help me in recovering my account”.

Now, select the platform that you normally use to access Yahoo. (For example, if you use the Yahoo Mail app, select the “Yahoo Mail” app.)

Lastly, enter the CAPTCHA code in the provided box and then click on “Create Request”.

Your request will now be sent to Yahoo support. Wait a few days for Yahoo to revert back and keep checking the inbox of the email address which you have mentioned in the request form. Once you receive an emailcontaining the instructionson how to recover your Yahoo password, the issue will be sorted out and you can regain the access to your Yahoo account.

That’s it. You have successfully learned about how to reset or recover Yahoo password without phone number and alternate email! Hope you find this article useful, keep visiting us for more of such useful blog articles.

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