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Nowadays most of the social networking apps (like Reddit, Twitter) offer users to create and share inappropriate content. Since Reddit/Twitter are not primarily adult-oriented and comes with a feature to filter out their posts NSFW or sensitive, respectively they are allowed by the App Store or Google Play Store. But what about a fully-fledged adult-oriented service platform like OnlyFans? Is there an OnlyFans app? If not then is there exists any possibility for an OnlyFans app and will such an app meant for inappropriate user-generated content, be allowed by app stores?

To find out answers of such queries read through the blog post.

OnlyFans has reasonably grown big over the years. It is the fastest-growing subscription platform in the year 2020, and there is no stopping as the monthly visitor index has risen to 192 million plus users. With all growing popularity, users quite often look for an OnlyFans app. Let’s go on to find an answer to the question whether there is an OnlyFans app available on app stores and if not so what is the probability of having a one.

Is There An OnlyFans App?

To be honest and straight there is no official OnlyFans app on the App Store or Google Play Store. Each and every app submitted in the App Store has to be manually reviewed by the concerned app review team. Being an adult oriented user created content only possible way for the OnlyFans to be accepted into app stores like the App Store and Google Play Store is if they hinged to a family-friendly platform.

Meanwhile you can only access the platform via its website on your preferred browser(be it Chrome, Safari or other). However if you are an iPhone user you can also add OnlyFans app icon on your home screen.

Adding the OnlyFans app icon on iPhone

Since, there exists no app for OnlyFans on the App Store and Google Play Store; you will not get it download by any means. What you can do is to get OnlyFans added as an app icon to home screen of your iOS device (Android users won’t be able to perform the task as there is no such feature like “Add to homepage”). For adding OnlyFans to your iPhone’s homepage as an app icon you need to navigate to the official OnlyFans website on Safari and follow the stepwise procedure as given below:

Step #1: Navigate to on Safari

As mentioned above you won’t be able to add OnlyFans to your homepage using an Android device, you can only do so using an iPhone.

To begin with, open Safari on your iPhone and navigate to Now on the bottom navigation bar, you will get to see an icon called the “Share” icon. Tap on it and proceed with step 2.

Step #2: Tap on the “Share” icon and select “Add to Home Screen”

“Add to Home Screen” feature on the Safari browser, let the users to add any website to their home screen as an app icon. Once you landed on the homepage of OnlyFans website, locate the “Share” icon on the bottom navigation bar, and tap it.

Soon after that a navigation drawer will be opened, containing various options, such as —Copy, Add to Reading List, Add Bookmark, and others.

Scroll through the options to find the option called, “Add to Home Screen”. Go on to tap on it to add OnlyFans to your home screen. Continue further to step 3 to wrap up the process.

Step #3: Rename the app (optional) and tap on “Add”

The final step of the process is to rename the app and then tap on the “Add” button. However it is up to user’s choice to rename the app as it is just optional and there is nothing mandatory about it. Continue with the process by tapping onthe “Add” button to add OnlyFans to your home screen.

To verify the same exit Safari and head to your home screen. You will see that the OnlyFans websiteis now added to your home screen as an app icon, and it will route you to the OnlyFans website as soon as you tap on the icon.

That is it..! You’ve learned to add OnlyFans to your home screen!

Is there an OnlyFans app for iOS?

Sorry to say, but there is no official OnlyFans app for iOS up till now. And even if OnlyFans get to develop an app for their platform, it will be rejected in all probability as it contravenes the guidelines of App Store relating the inappropriate content which is not suitable for the general audience.

Unlike Reddit and Twitter which are primarily a family-friendly social networking service), Onlyfans is not permitted by App Store owing to the nature of the app. Despite the fact that Reddit and Twitter contain quite a lot of content which are inappropriate, these platforms allow users to mark inappropriate posts as “NSFW”.

As OnlyFans is adult content based service, and nothing on the platform is safe for work. Hence, there isn’t an OnlyFans app for iOS devices; the only possible way to use OnlyFans is via via their website ( on a browser (e.g. Safari).

Is there an OnlyFans app for Android?

Again the answer is same, there is no such app for Android devices as well. Users can only use OnlyFans on their Android devices by navigating to OnlyFans website.

Just like the App Store, the Google Play Store also rejects mobile applications which are principally meant to promote inappropriate or objectionable content.

In addition to that, the maximum age rating allowed for apps in the Google Play Store is 16+. As OnlyFans need its users to be above 18 years of age, the app would be rejectedand find no place on Play Store.

Will there be an OnlyFans app?

Regrettably, there is no chance of OnlyFans coming up with a mobile version as it is in opposition to the app stores’ policy guidelines.

OnlyFans is an adult-oriented content subscription service; as a matter of fact the nature of the portal goes against the Google Play Store’s policy on “Inappropriate Content” as well as it contravenes the guidelines mentioned in section 1.1.4 of the App Store.

For this reason there is no chance of getting the app accepted in case the company decided to go with an app. Moreover it is adequately satisfactory for its users to access the platform via a browser and thus there is no likelihood for OnlyFans to develop an app.

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