Want To Check For Instagram Following List Order: Here’s How To Do It

While looking at your follower or following list on Instagram you often gets confuse and wonder about the order. The lists appear quite random with no specific chronology, further these lists keep on altering every time you refresh the list or open it on some other device.

This might lead to many questing popping in your mind, like how Instagram follower or following list order is mechanically decided and what are the various factors contributing to such haphazard and volatile arrangements?

Well, you have compiled this blog post to let you know about why certain people are shown up at the top of your followers and following list and others don’t. So let’s find out.

What Determines The Instagram Following List Order?

While, there are a lot of tricky algorithms that work behind the following list order on Instagram, a few factors enlisted below have a large bearing on determining the following list ordered in a particular manner. These factors are:

  • Interaction with the user: The following list order is sometimes based on your interactions with the people you follow. People you interacted mostly will appear on top.
  • Chronology of following time: People who just followed you or started following you in recent time will appear before the other users in the following list.
  • Activeness of Instagram users: Active Users are displayed on top while inactive ones appear on the bottom of following list.
  • Number of Followers and Following: Another criterion is the total number of the followers and following that are there on the profiles of people you are connected with. People having more followers and following appears on top.
  • Number of Posts: People with more posts on their Instagram profile are likely to be shown up at the top of the following list.
  • Commonality with Followers: The profile which you have in common will be displayed upfront.
  • Geo-Location is always a Priority: No matter what is the total number of followers you have, users from your country would likely appear on top of the following list.

Having understood the multiple factors deciding the following list order, let’s dive into the methods to check for the followers list as well as following list order on Instagram.

How To Know Followers List Order On Instagram ?

Practically speaking, the IG followers list order goes on changing from profile to profile based on the Instagram algorithm. The logic behind it is the total number of followers with respect to your profile. Particularly, when there are under 200 profiles following you, the follower list will be arranged in an alphabetical order. And your followers will appear sequentially from A to Z as per their profile name irrespective of the username.

Now a question comes like can you check for Instagram followers order and know who followed you of late?

To be honest on that, Instagram no longer let the mobile app users to view Instagram followers list in a chronological order. However it is still possible on the web to check your Instagram followers set in an order from newest to earliest. All you need to do is to follow the steps provided below:

  • Navigate to web Instagram and Log in to your account by entering valid credentials.
  • Go to the Followers section on your profile page.
  • The person who just followed your profile will appear on the top of the list.

That’s all you have to do if you want to see Instagram followers in order.

Note: If you have less than 200 followers, IG will organize the list alphabetically on mobile app while the web version will display it according to chronology. However, in case of more than 200 followers, you need to follow the above steps in either case.

How To Know Following List Order On Instagram?

The next question to be addressed is how about the people you follow and how to check for your Instagram following list order?

In this regard, the first thing you must know is no matter whether it’s mobile app or web version, the only consideration Instagram has to arrange the following list is interaction among the users. In other words, you will get the following list organized on the basis of interaction but not on the basis of any chronology or alphabetical order. Thus you will always get to see that person topping your following list with whom you have interacted mostly.

However the latest Instagram updates let you to know about people who you follow by filtering your Instagram following list order based on the following time, i.e.; whom you started following more recently will appear on top and the list continues likewise till the person first followed by you appearing on the last.

Following steps will help you to get the Instagram following list arranged in chronological order of following date and time. Here’s how to check it:

  • Navigate to web Instagram and Log in to your account by entering valid credentials.
  • Go to the Following section on your profile page.
  • Once you are on the following list, just tap the Sort icon provided at the upper right corner.
  • Finally make a tap on “Date Followed: Latest” to get the following list arranged in a chronological order from the most recent to the earliest. To check it in reverse order you can also opt for “Date Followed: Earliest” option.

This way you can get the Instagram following list ordered in a chronology. However you may still find some exceptions as it’s quite difficult to know the exact is algorithm involved which the Instagram uses as there may be various other considerations than just the level of interaction.

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