How to Poke Someone on Facebook

Gone are the days when you use to have a lots Facebook notification about your friend or friends of friend poking you on Facebook. Moreover if you are looking to poke someone on Facebook, you won’t be easily getting the poke button like ever before. This blog article will address where and how to find Poke feature in recent Facebook updates. So let’s get started to discover contemporary ways on how to poke on Facebook App 2021 as well as on Facebook Lite App and Desktop.

Poking on Facebook:

Facebook introduced the Poke feature in its early days, dates back abound 2004. Though the ambiguous Poke button became trendy in no time, users never had a clear connotation behind a poke. Apparently, this ambiguity has even led to voluminous controversies from time to time. In response to that Facebook has gradually phased out the Poke Button by making it trickier to access. Nowadays you have to catch a longer course to poke.

Meaning of Facebook Poke:

Ever since the launch of Poke feature, there was no obvious understanding related to the meaning and usage of this feature. Even Facebook has never given any particulars on it and thus users have perceived this function in multiple ways and associated numerous meanings to it. Some common interpretations of the poke gesture are enlisted as under:

  • To pass on greetings and say “Hi” or “Hello”
  • To seek attention from a friend or some other FB user
  • To nudge someone more similar to that of instant messaging
  • To make your friend know that you’re thinking of them
  • To have fun

On the contrary, a few users also take this as unconstructive and think it as a flirt gesture. So you must be very cautious about as of whom you are poking.

Consequences of Poking:

Every time when you poked a friend on Facebook, it will result into:

  • your friend getting a notification about the same,
  • your friend getting an option to “Poke you back”

However, it is to be noted that once you poke a friend, the same friend can’t be poked again until that friend of yours pokes you back or removes your poke first. In case of removal; once you remove a particular poke from your pokes page, it can’t be reversed or retrieved.

How to Poke someone on Facebook?

If you want to poke someone on Facebook, you must have to access the Pokes page. This can be done either by running a search from Facebook Home Screen or navigating to pokes page via the Settings or Help Center. Let’s get into detailed stepwise methods for the purpose of poking someone on Facebook.

How to Poke on Facebook App

Method 1: Poke someone on Facebook using the search option

  • Launch Facebook App and log in to your account by entering valid credentials.
  • Head to the search icon provided at the top of the Home Screen.
  • Type and enter the word “Poke” in the search bar and wait of the search results.
  • Now make a tap on the fist Pokes option displayed under Facebook Shortcuts. This will route you to the Pokes Page
  • Search for a friend who you want to Poke and then tap on the Poke option provided next to the name of your friend.

Note: This method is compatible only with the FB Main App and does not work on FB Lite App, for which separate method is given below in the next section.

Method 2: Poke someone on Facebook via Pokes Page using “Help & Support” option

  • Launch Facebook App and log in to your account by entering valid credentials.
  • Go to the Facebook Menu by tapping on 3 horizontal lines provided on top right corner.
  • Underneath See More head, select Help & Support from among the options listed.
  • Now here tap on Help Center.
  • Type and enter the word “Poke” to get appropriate question which reads, “How do i poke someone on Facebook?”
  • As an answer to this, you will get a link to Facebook pokes page.
  • Following the link will take you on next page, here search for a friend you like to poke and then tap the poke button provided next to their name.

How to Poke on Facebook Lite App

If you are using Facebook Lite App, you can poke a Facebook friend by performing the under mentioned steps:

  • Launch Facebook Lite App and log in to your account by entering valid credentials.
  • Go to the Facebook Menu by tapping on 3 horizontal lines provided on top right corner.
  • Select Settings from available options.
  • Find and select the “Access your information” option underneath Your Facebook Information.
  • Then tap on the “Other Activity” option.
  • A pop-up menu appears on the screen which has the Poke option along with other options. Make a tap on it.
  • You will now be provided with a search bar, enter the name of a friend whom you want to poke and then tap on the Poke button given next to their name.

How to Poke on Facebook Desktop Version

Apart from the above methods, you can use alternate way to access the pokes page using Desktop Version of Facebook. You can accomplish the said task in simply no time via steps given below:

  • Open your preferred web browser
  • Log in to your Facebook account or just go to

Alternatively, you can repeat the same steps using the Help & Support Option as mentioned for the Facebook Main app.

Summing Up:

If you are wondering that is “Poke” still a thing or the Facebook has revoked Poke button? The answer to that the Poke button is still available on all Facebook versions be it the Facebook Main App, Lite App or Facebook Desktop Mode. It can be accessed via different methods mentioned above in this article. However there are certain rumors and gossips about Facebook going to revive this “Poke” feature which will have a clear meaning and interpretation to regain its lost popularity. By that time you can continue to poke your friends on Facebook.

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