[2023] Friend Suggestions on Facebook: How it Works and How to Remove?

Facebook has this only one of its kind algorithms to order or suggest friends on someone’s profile. The algorithms on this most popular and widely used social media platform, constantly update “People you may know” to improve friend suggestions on Facebook. As a result you will observe random friend suggestions on Facebook showing up from time to time. However at times you just get amazed to see people who you don’t know or don’t even want to add as a friend. So if you wonder what is the logic or reason behind these friend suggestions on Facebook? Here’s is the place to get it right.

This blog article will tell you everything you would like to know about Friend suggestions on Facebook, the information used for showing such suggestions, how to add or remove a friend suggestion and so on. So why to wait anymore? Let’s get straight to the topic and learn more about it.

Facebook friend’s suggestion

Facebook has this feature of suggesting you a few profiles to get connect with in order to expand your circle on the platform. However, it is not always the one you would like to add as friends or sometimes the algorithms might get it wrong and recommend people who are no way near to you.

The feature “People you may know” can help you to connect more and more people on Facebook. This will allow you to find new friends and same way help others to reach up to you on Facebook. The friend suggestions on Facebook may give you an idea about people whom you will likely want to add as a friend and includes the profiles that you have not seen on Facebook until now or some other users who just have created profile on the platform.

Having all that said, you might now be thinking of what factors Facebook usually takes into consideration or what set of information it requires for Facebook to suggest certain profiles to be added as friends by you. Here’s an answer for you….

How Facebook show suggestions in People you may know?

Prima-facie, friend suggestions on Facebook under the “People you may know” section can be the friends of friends if not that then it may people from same network or can include people you may have something in common with. Following is the list of factors and piece of information needed at Facebook’s end to show you friend suggestions or recommend people in “People you may know” section.

You must note that friend suggestions on Facebook come from things such as:

Mutual Friends:

Having friends in common is the first and foremost factor and the most common reason for getting someone’s profile as friend suggestions. Hence most frequently people are suggested for mutual to add on your friend list. The Facebook friends of the person who is added on your Facebook friend-list will appear to you in “People you may know” section and you can easily connect with them via sending them a request or clicking on Add friend button on their profile. You can also send them direct messages.

Your Profile Information:

The suggestions which you get in the “People you may know” section on Facebook depends a lot on your personal information and networks which you have mentioned in your Facebook profile. This personal information (e.g. your school, university or work) is widely used by Facebook to show friends suggestions. The algorithms simply find the profile that matches with any of your personal information and display it to you in “People you may know” section.

Your Facebook activity:

The next sort of information that Facebook take into account to give these suggestions include your activities and the most recent information you have shared on your Facebook profile. The activities such as joining groups, being tagged in certain photos and alike become a base for Facebook to recommend people under the said section. Facebook collects all recent data and offer suggestions of such people who match with the particular information and show them up in “People you may know” section.

Other Factors:

Apart from thatother vital information which Facebook uses to show suggestions includePeople who contact you, people who have saved your Contact Number, people you might have searched on Facebook or the other way around the people who looked at you profile or visited it.

Moreover, when you upload contact list on Facebook and someone has just uploaded theirs which includes your number then automatically Facebook will show both of you in friend suggestions on your respective profiles.

Thus these are the factors responsible for showing friend suggestion on Facebook. But what if you don’t want to respond to it and remove a particular friend suggestion. Let’s check it out as well.

How to remove a friend suggestion?

If you get to see someone whom you don’t want to be added as your friend, then you can opt for following steps:

  • From Friends, click on Remove button provided next to their name. Doing that will update your People you may know section and you are likely to have more improved suggestions from now on.
  • From your News Feed, click the cross sign remove located on the picture of the person you don’t want to add.

Other than that, an additional option is to Block the profile of a person who you want to remove. Blocking will permanently hide a person from your “People you may know” suggestions.

Closing Remark:

Friend suggestion on Facebook is the common feature that one and all can see on their Facebook. There are some basic factors like friends of friends, personal information (education, work etc.), recent activities and so on which are counted for showing the friend suggestions on your Facebook profile.

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