Facebook “Content not Available”: A Quick Referral Guide

Facebook is largest social networking platform with people from all ages being actively using it. The platform has rooted so firm and deep into routine lives of people and netizens can’t even think of a day without looking at their Facebook Newsfeed.  Everyone is so habitual of Facebook and they use it to access information about people in and out of their circles. But at times while scrolling through the feeds on Facebook “Content not Available” shows up against a few. If you have no idea about what it means and wonder how to get over this error on Facebook?, here’s a must read for you.

This blog post will let you understand about meaning and the reason behind the occurrence of this message. Also you will learn a few tactics to deal with it and try to fix the error when you next encounter it. So let’s get going…..

What does Facebook “Content not Available” mean?

If you get to see an error message popping up your screen saying that the “Content isn’t available” or “Content not found” on Facebook this implies that either the content has been deleted by the uploader or removed by Facebook itself, or else you have entered wrong or invalid URL.

Sometimes it may appear because the other person might have blocked you or changed the privacy settings subject to their account.

On the other hand, if the error message says that “This page isn’t available” then possibly you are facing some internet connectivity issues or the person who has posted the respective content has deactivated or deleted their FB profile.

Now, having that said, let’s get to know more about the potential reasons behind Facebook content not available error message.

Why Facebook shows “Content not Available” error message?

Facebook is likely to show this error message owing to various grounds; the most frequent reasons causing this problem are as follows:

  • The Content is Deleted- The first and foremost reason for getting this error message is that the content you are looking for might be deleted or removed from Facebook. Thus, if you are trying to access the link associated with a post or a comment which has been taken down or deleted, then you possibly get the “Content not Available” error message.
  • The Content is Suspended by Facebook- Another possibilitycould be that the content you are aiming at is suspended by Facebook. There are chances of content either being reported by someone or probably violated any of the policy guidelines of Facebook and as a result of that Facebook itself has removed it which is why you receive the “Content not Available” message.
  • Privacy Settings- If the content creator has exclusively posted it targeting a particular user base, a certain community, a specific area, and so on, there is probability that you may not comply with the set criteria or not get included into such categories. So in those circumstances, if you try to access content then you might encounter this message.
  • Invalid URL- The URL link which you want to open is no longer valid or is changed or replaced by some other link. Moreover it is likely that the post or video URL has been deleted by the uploader.
  • Blocked Profile- Blocking on either end may result in Favebook Content not Available error. It means that when someone blocked you or conversely you have blocked someone, in either cases you might not access the content and ended up in getting to see this message.
  • Deactivated/ Deleted Facebook Profile- Another potential reason is the fact that the person has deactivated profile on Facebook, making the content unavailable for you. Similarly, you will also encounter the same message if the account is deleted from Facebook.
  • Facebook is Temporarily Down- Quite unlikely but yes this could be a case a well when Facebook servers are down. In such a situation they won’t be able to process any of your requests, and ultimately shows up this error message.
  • Logged out of Facebook- Once in a while it turns out to be an awful experience that you make an attempt to logout of Facebook however you fail to do so and stuck in between. Subsequently when you click on some content, you will catch the “Content not Available” message.

So these are the reasons as to why you get to experience Facebook Content not Available error. Now let’s learn about methods to fix this problem.

How to Fix Content is not Available Error?

If you are getting the Content not Available error, the first thing you need to do is to check for the reasons mentioned above and use some basic troubleshoot to resolve the problem (such as- restarting your device, login from other device, update Facebook on your device or so on).

While addressing to this error, there are possibly two different scenario and you need to proceed accordingly to fix the said issue. Here’s how to fix the issue:

Scenario 1: When you have created or posted the content

In case you get this error with respect to any of your post then you have the control over the situation and can fix the issue by restoring the post for yourself and/or others. To do so just check for the privacy settings, if you have mistakenly changed them it is likely that it is not appearing on feed. By altering the settings and changing the post audience to set as public, you can restore the post and fix the issue.

However if your post has been removed by Facebook then you cannot do much about it. The only thing possible in this case is to request Facebook for restoring that post back again and wait until your request is approved.

Scenario 2: If content is contributed by other users

In case the content belongs to someone else and if you get to know or identify the original contributor who has posted it, you can simply request them informing about the problem by contacting them via some reasonable means and see if they respond to it.

That’s all. You have successfully learned about reasons and solutions for Facebook Content not Available error message.

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