[2023] How to Fix Disney Plus not Working Error Code 41

Disney Plus has become one of the most watched streaming platform since the debut of marvel shows on it. It offers a great streaming experience to users but sometimes things go wrong and you might face errors that are really annoying. One of such error we face when Disney Plus is not working is error code 41. Today we will describe what this error code is all about and what can be done to fix it in 2023.

What is Disney Plus Not Working Error Code 41?

When you see an error code 41 while playing a movie or video on Disney Plus, it is because of rights management. The error occurs when some movie or series is removed from Disney Plus temporarily or permanently. So, it could be that the video you’re trying to play isn’t licensed to Disney Plus anymore. The error might also display on your streaming device’s screen due to some glitches or other problems like network issue or server problems or database errors.

How to Fix Disney Plus Not Working Error Code 41

You can follow below mentioned methods to fix the error code 41 on Disney Plus

Try playing the Video Again

The 41 error code displayed on a video could be because of database or connectivity problems with server. You can try replaying the video and see if you’re able to play the video or still facing the same issue. Refreshing or reloading the issue could fix the management issues.

Check Your Internet Connection

One of the most common reason behind this error is, a poor or not working internet connection. When your device is not connected to an stable network, the streaming platform might display different kind of errors and might include the error code 41 too. So, just check if your internet connection is working or not. The Disney Plus requires at least 5 MBPS connection speed to stream HD content and 25+ MBPS speed to stream 4K content on your device.

Try Playing a Different Video

The very next thing you can try is, try playing a different video. If your device is able to play other videos, there may be a rights management problem. You can try contacting Disney support and ask if it was just a bug or the content has been removed from the platform. You can also ask them if they have any plans to get it back on Disney Plus.

Trying a Different Streaming Device

Another solution that you can try when you get this error is, you can try watching that content on a different streaming device. If you’re on a phone, try browsing that video on your PC or on your TV or a set top box.

Check if Disney Plus is Unreachable.

If you’re getting the same problem on different videos too, it could be because of outage of the service. You can search on internet and find if Disney Plus servers are working or down. In this case, all you can do is wait until they sort this problem.

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