How to Convert Coaxial Cable to HDMI

Are you thinking of buying a new TV? Do you have any chance to have a coax connector in the back? No, it may have HDMI, component connector, and USB. If you are using older cable or satellite, then you only have coax, which can give you trouble while connecting to the new TV. Here is the full guide to know how to Convert the coaxial cable to HDMI.

coaxial cable to HDMI
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Before discussing the conversion of Coaxial to HDMI, you must know what is all about coaxial connection and HDMI?

Coaxial connection

This is one type of cable, which was invented in the 19th century to get radio signals. This machine made with a copper core with two layers of insulation and shielding. The moto was, it must deliver the analog signals with minimum requirement. Still, this technology has getting used, but gradually, fiber and other technology are replacing it. But coax is losing the signal in more distance but is popular due to its affordability and less maintenance.

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HDMI Technology

This is the modern replacement of coax at your home. This is a multimedia high definition interface, which carries signals from one device to another device. It also carries audio, and it invented for the first time on Japanese TV which, helped the manufacturer to improve his fault, and currently, it is working exceptionally well.

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Adapting Coax to HDMI:

Coaxial Cable was mainly introduced for radio then it has come to TV. Now coax to HDMI adapter radio shack is for radio. Sometimes television set does not have cable port that time you need to buy an adopter and that adapter only will become the coax cable. After buying you need to fix it.

There is a process for the conversion of Coaxial Cable to HDMI. That process is discussing below:

  • Get the right hardware: Sometimes cable provider provides you a cable box that time your problem will solve automatically. If they do not provide, then you need to connect the coaxial cable directly on the TV. You also need the signal converter, which you can get online or in some electronic store. That allows you to convert SCART to HDMI. You can also use old VCR players.
  • Connect your Coaxial Cable: On the back of the signal converter, you can see some screw is sticking out that is only the place where coaxial cable has to attach. You need to tighten the nut nicely, and it should be turned clockwise. One more important thing is you should not use a tool for pushing it inside because it may damage the connector.
  • Connect your HDMI Cable: This is very simple. You need to port the HDMI cable back of the TV. That wire one end must be on HDMI and other ends must be on the cable box. It is very easy, and there is no confusion here.
  • Power on: After plug in your TV, you need to turn on the switch that time TV screen stays blank. You need to select the menu and also click on the option called “Source” or “Input”. Options are all grey color, which inaccessible. Though the color is different everything, you have done in the correct way.

This is a very simple process. We hope this article can help you to fix your Coaxial to HDMI on your TV. Through this process, you do not need any middle man to fix the issue, you can fix it.

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