How to unsnooze someone on Facebook

[2023] How to Unsnooze someone on Facebook?

Facebook has a feature called Snooze. The Snooze option is a great way to temporarily silence or remove a person, group or Page from your Facebook timeline. Sometimes you don’t want to Unfollow a person, but just want to take a break from their posts and stories. So that you can snooze that person’s profile … Read more

What Does WhatsApp Last Seen Mean

What Does WhatsApp Last Seen Mean

WhatsApp is a widely used social messaging app that offers various useful features so people can keep in connect with others. One of such features is last seen that helps you learn if the person was online recently or they’re offline from a long time. Here we will tell you everything about it, What Does … Read more

vr price reduce meta

Meta reduces the prices of Quest Pro and Quest 2 VR headsets

As of March 5, Meta has announced price reductions for its VR headsets, with the high-end Quest Pro now priced at $1000, down from its previous cost of $1,500. Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement on an Instagram channel, citing the company’s goal to make VR more accessible to a wider audience. In addition to the … Read more

apple iphone 15 naming

Apple May Retire ‘Pro Max’ with ‘Ultra’ in iPhone 15!

The new iPhone 14 isn’t even a month old and the rumors about upcoming iPhone 15 are floating around. Multiple tipsters have suggested major updates in the upcoming iPhone. For example: Supply chain analyst Ross is predicting that the new Dynamic Island would be a part of all models of the iPhone 15 models. It … Read more