5 Best Mobile Apps to Help You Learn English Faster

English is the third-most-spoken language in the world by a number of native speakers. It is the authorized language of fifty three nations. Being spoken by approx. 400 million persons all over the world; learning English is the need of the hour. The British Council predicts by 2020 two billion people in the world will … Read more


Now you can login in Microsoft Account without using password

Earlier it was a bit tough to sign into Microsoft account. However, now it has become easier and secure to sign into the account. It is allowing anyone to sign in with FIDO2 security key devices which are a standard tool. It is to be noted that Microsoft is the first company to support authentication … Read more

what is esim

What is eSIM? Everything You Need To Know about this

People are using SIM cards since past 25 years. However, SIM cards at times have made it difficult to connect with the service provider. Also, they can easily get damaged and lost. To tackle this issue, a new system is entering the market, mainly known as eSIM. Smartphone industry players are planning to bring into their … Read more


10 Awesome Things Android Can Do That iPhone Can’t

Nowadays, smartphone users mainly consist of Android lovers and iPhone fans. But sometimes there is a debate as to which phone is better – Android or iOS?. iPhone is known for its security and refinement, but when it comes to customizable and flexible, Android is well ahead of iPhones. What can Android do that iPhone/iPad … Read more

JioGigaFiber – Important Things Regarding Jio Broadband Service

Since from the time when Jio was launched, there has been a massive rumour widespread among the people regarding JioGigaFiber broadband connectivity. Due to the rolling out of broadband connection, the entire industry was eager to see a certain new thing which the company likes to provide. However, the company has previously developed a boom … Read more


Everything you should learn about Artificial Intelligence and its working

Artificial intelligence is a well-known technology that can be considered as the method of making a software, computer or computer-controlled robot think intelligently. It is accomplished by learning the thinking ability of the human brain.  This study also covers how humans work, learn and decide while solving their problems. The results of this study are … Read more