What is eSIM? Everything You Need To Know about this

People are using SIM cards since past 25 years. However, SIM cards at times have made it difficult to connect with the service provider. Also, they can easily get damaged and lost.

To tackle this issue, a new system is entering the market, mainly known as eSIM. Smartphone industry players are planning to bring into their process.

Features of eSIM:

  • It is like a smile chip which can be used as temporary storage.
  • Also, this SIM is reprogrammable and can be provisioned over the air without changing it physically.

Let us look at the PROS and CONS of eSIM:

features of esim

Pros of eSIM

  • Reliable – eSIM do not wear out like other SIM cards. Also, you cannot lose it. Neither you have to visit any store to buy it nor you have to wait for the company to send it. Along with this, you do not have to cut it into an exact size.
  • Easy switching – With the help of remote provisioning you can easily switch between networks that support eSIMs. It is giving a good experience to users. Using Google Pixel 2 one can easily activate ProjectFi.
  • One much less ingress level and also space saving– Producers have gradually minimized the SIM card dimension which can now create more space for other purposes. Removing certain parts to read the SIM card and also the SIM card slot has helped in simplifying things. Not only this, it has enhanced IP rankings and normal water splashproof-ness as there are one much less locations to fear about water and mud resistance. Overall it would give more room for new technology.
  • No more requirement of little SIM-ejector– There are various little pokers available in the market to eject physical SIM cards. Although there are many, we cannot find the one we need so easily. At times we may lose them and even it may get stolen gradually.

But now with eSIM, you won’t jam other sharp objects in your phone when you lose the poker too as eSIM does not require that.

Cons of eSIM


  • Difficult to switch phone– It is always easy to remove SIM card and remove a certain amount of personal information. Although Smartphones are full of pictures, video, music, photographs, passwords, notes, settings, and so on, the SIM had many things on it as well. Hence to dispose smartphone or passing a smartphone down the line to friends or family will take a slightly bit extra effort so as to wipe the eSIM in a proper manner.

Currently, there aren’t any dual eSIM phones — simply assist for a traditional SIM and an eSIM. Dual eSIMs may appear in future.

  • Mobile networks a must– Due to eSIM, you’ll always be connected to a network once you’re provisioned. Hence you will be constantly active on a network and thus can be easily tracked. It can be a problem in many regions where people do not want to get tracked by anyone.
  • Can be easily hacked– Another issue for users may be hacking. Although, eSIM is a physical chip, which makes hacking tough. However, operators will need to be concerned about provisioning and exchanging configuration data among phone and network.

Now the Final Conclusion on eSIM

With eSIM, we are definitely leading towards a great technology boost. However, we need to keep the drawbacks in mind.
Soon the time will come when we may have to explain the coming generation how physical chips were necessary to receive 180-character text messages. Indeed eSIM has brought a new phase in the cellphone industry.

So, folks are you’re interested to use eSIM and enjoy its benefits? let’s write your opinion on comments box.

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