PC Case Fan Not Spinning: Quick Fixes To Resolve The Issue

Does your processor getting too hot? Is your PC case fan not spinning? There’s nothing to panic about, as this is quite a common problem. Many users have been continually reporting this issue when all of a sudden the case fans stop spinning. And there exists several methods (from basic to advance) which may act as appropriate solution to get rid of the issue.

By reading through this tech blog article you will come to know everything about case fan not spinning issue. It comprehensively address the issue and highlight the reasons that trigger this problem and also provides you the feasible ways as to fix any case fan issues related with your PC.

To start with let’s try to find out what prevents the case fan from spinning as it should be? Here’s a checklist of reasons which restricts the proper functioning of case fan and results in case fan not spinning issue.

Reasons preventing PC Case Fan from Spinning:

When your CPU fan fails to spin properly, the problem could be with anything from the fan itself to the motherboard, or the power supply. In case if the fan isn’t spinning, the following might be the most frequent reasons behind the occurrence of this problem:

  • Computer hasn’t started correctly
  • Fan could be clogged with dust
  • Fan might have hardware fault and has been damaged or exposed to moisture
  • BIOS might be outdated or misconfigured and hence failed to recognize or supply current
  • Connections (four-pin or two-pin configuration) could not be made in the appropriate slots in the motherboard or the PSU
  • PSU (power supply unit) not be able to give the necessary power output (5V or 12V) to your fan.
  • Circuit supplying the power on your motherboard has been fired or short

Having understood about the reasons behind this issue, let’s now get straight to the solutions that can be used for fixing this issue.

Fixing the PC Case Fan Not Spinning Issue:

Solution#1: Restart Your Computer

The most basic troubleshooting in this case is to restart your computer. The fan could stop spinning by even little things and restarting the system could bring it back to normal. Additionally, to completely power-cycle your computer, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Shut down your computer and then remove the power cables from the CPU.
  • Press and hold the power button on CPU for 30 seconds to get rid of static electricity (if any).
  • Now release the button and reconnect the CPU with power cable.
  • Turn on the computer by pressing the CPU power button.

Check whether the issue is fixed or not. If the fan does not start spinning even after you restart it, try the next solution to fix this problem quickly.

Solution#2: Clean Your Fan & Clear Debris and Dust with Compressed Air

Probably your CPU case fan has obtained dust and dirt for quite some time and you haven’t cleaned it for long. This might be the cause of case fan not spinning, to resume the normal working of fan just try to clean it up and see if the problem is resolved.

However it is really difficult to clean it yourself and could risk in to severe damage to your CPU and computer. Thus, we recommend you to use a can of compressed air or seeking help from a specialist. By carefully clearing all the debris, dirt, lint, and any other form of particles clogged up on the fan and its vents, you can install it back to function properly.

Solution#3: Replace the Fan

It is quite likely that the Fan itself has been a source of this problem. If there exists some hardware fault with the fan or it has been damaged or exposed to moisture, if wired incorrectly or has been shorted due to inappropriate power supply.

Consequently, you must check whether the fan is in state of working or not. Once ensuring that the fan has been damaged, you should get it replaced with a new one.

Solution #4: Reset/Flash Your BIOS

BIOS is an essential part of the proper spinning of the case fans. It is meant for controlling and powering all the devices linked to/coupled with your motherboard and if it is mis-configured, then it might lead to PC case fan not spinning issue.

Resetting your BIOS could help you to resolve this issue completely. To reset it to the default settings, you must undertake following steps:

  • Turn off your PC by clicking the start menu icon, and then selecting “Power” followed by “Shut Down”
  • Next to that press the power button and immediately press “F2” or the “Del” button to get into BIOS setup.
  • Look for the “Load the setup defaults” on the BIOS screen to reset your BIOS.
  • Now select the “Save and Exit” option.

Restart your system and check if the fan is spinning back again.

Solution#5: Repair or Replace Your Power Supply Unit

As mentioned above, one of the reasons behind this case fan not working issue is your power supply unit. If PSU does not work correctly then it then your fan will also not spin. Hence you must look into the matter and get your PSU repaired or replaced which may let you to get over the case fan not spinning issue.

This solution may also help in resolving issues like your computer making beeping noises or keep shutting down abruptly, as these issues are a clear indication of malfunction in power supply unit.

Solution#6: Replace Your Motherboard

There is also a probability that your Motherboard is either faulty having some partial or absolute damages or is completely broken down.

So if none of the above solution works, you should definitely consider replacing the motherboard. But before doing so you must verify the same. To verify whether your Motherboard require a replacement or not, you must check your case fan with an alternate PC. If it works well with that, then you have to similarly check your PSU (Power Supply Unit). If PSU also works fine with the other system, it confirms that the problem rests with the Motherboard.

That’s all about PC case fan not spinning problem and solutions to fix the issue by yourself.

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