What is Cancelled Call Meaning on iPhone?

Gone the days when a mobile phone was only used for calling. Nowadays everything can be done just with help of a smartphone. You can play games, access internet, check security cameras at your home or switch on/off lights of your bed room at just one tap. Still, making calls with a smartphone is our #1 priority or task. While making a call you might have seen there is this text “cancelled call” on some of the calls. What is it all about? What is the cancelled call meaning on iPhone? Today we will tell you everything about it.

Cancelled Call Meaning iPhone

You might have seen this text on several calls and surely be wondering what is it. A cancelled call usually means that you disconnected the call before other party was able to pick it up. Yeah! When you hung up the call before the other person receives it, you will see “cancelled call” written on call log.

Apart from that, you will also see this message when your call got interrupted due to network issues. There are many times when you are not in proper network area. So, your call might fail and you will see the message cancelled call on the call log.

What can you do for this?

There is nothing you can do about it! It’s just a message. Just ignore it and call the person again if you are willing to talk to them. Also, a cancelled call doesn’t mean that the other person have rejected your call. When someone rejects the call, you might hear an automated voice from your mobile career that the person is busy to take the call.

Hope now you have learnt what does it mean when you see a cancelled call in call log of your iPhone. Stay tuned to TheTechMirror for more iPhone related tips, tricks and tech assistance.

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