[2023] Can Your Snapchat Score Go Up Without Opening Snap?

Snapchat is an app which is used world wide. Snapchat has provided its users with many options. One of the principal features of Snapchat is that pictures and messages are usually only available for a short time before they become inaccessible to their recipients. New features and concepts introduced by the Snapchat app may have complicated learning how to use the app. In this article we will tell you what is snap score? and can your snap score go up without opening snaps?

What Is A Snapchat Score?

On Snapchat, Snapchat score is a score point that is calculated from your activity on the app, and it’s also based on the number of snaps sent and received. When you use Snapchat more, your snap score tends to increase.

Snap score is calculated when you send and receive snap. This is a two way process. The snap score is located at your profile next to your username. Since the Snapchat score is an indication of how you use Snapchat, it can be viewed by anyone, and they can view yours as well. A snap score increases for different reasons and it is just more than sending and receiving Snap. The more you stay on the app and are active the higher your Snapchat score goes. But you have to do a few just to make sure, like sharing snaps with friends, sharing stories, and watching others too.

Can Your Snapchat Score Go Up Without Opening Snaps?

No! Your snapchat score won’t go up until you open a snap you’ve received. As soon as you check the snaps, the score will increase by a point. So, your snapchat score can not go up without opening snaps.

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