Easy guide to fix Amazon video insufficient bandwidth issue

Are you looking to resolve the Amazon Video insufficient bandwidth error and wonder how to fix this annoying and frustrating error? Here’s a handy guide for you.

While watching your favorite movie or TV show and series on Amazon Prime Video, you on occasion get to see that the playback start buffering or pausing unexpectedly, leading to a poor viewing experience. If you have encountered the error it will prevent you from streaming videos. One of the probable reasons for such situation could be Amazon Video insufficient bandwidth.

Let’s get to know the meaning and reasons behind insufficient bandwidth problem on Amazon Prime.

What does insufficient bandwidth mean on Amazon Video?

Before going into the details about what insufficient bandwidth means, you must first understand what Bandwidth is and what is the average bandwidth required in our case.

Bandwidth is common parlance is refers to the amount of data that your internet connection can either download or upload a second. This can be usually measured in megabytes or kilobytes. However when it comes to a high-end connection, it can even be at gigabytes.

The average download speed worldwide is 24 Mbps, which means that if you are downloading a video or streaming it on Amazon at speed less than this, you are said to have insufficient bandwidth.

What causes Amazon Video insufficient bandwidth error?

There are numerous reasons behind the occurrence of this error. These can be enlisted as:

  • Poor internet connection
  • Configuration of broadband router
  • Interference with wireless connection
  • Other technical issue related with the current home network

How to fix Amazon video insufficient bandwidth error

The following methods will help you to diagnose and fix the error.

Fix #1: Disconnecting & Reconnecting the Network

As poor network connect is the first and the most common cause of insufficient bandwidth error, hence to get it fixed you must ensure proper signal strength to your internet. One way to fix this issue, is by disconnecting and reconnecting the device that you are using to access Amazon prime.

Technically speaking, disconnecting your Smart TV, desktop, or laptop from the network and reconnect again will reconfigure your IP address and ensures the availability of your DNS gateway. Thus this procedure will resolve the issue of having a weak Internet or network connection issue and let your videos get downloaded at a faster rate.

Fix #2: Clearing the Cache Memory

Clearing the cache memory on Amazon Prime will facilitate you to get a quick response while downloading or streaming a Video. Since clearing cache results in getting storage space freed and helps you to speed up your device. That way you can get enhanced performance, and be more likely to fix the insufficient bandwidth error.

In case where you are using Amazon Fire TV Stick, you are required to follow the steps given below to clear the cache memory of the application:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Find the option called Applications and then click it
  • Next go on to select Managed Installed Applications andclick the applications you are using to clear the cache
  • Lastly click on clear cache option

Fix #3: Restarting your device

On most of the occasions merely restarting the device may work wonders for you. When you stream videos on a Smart TV or a desktop computer, a memory drip can happen which may result in a drop of internet speed.

In such a situation restating your device will help to increase internet speed fix by cleaning up the memory leak and thereby you can get to fix many technical issues including bandwidth error as well.

Fix #4: Restarting your router

Another way to fix this error is by restarting the router. You are unable to get proper speed when your router does not support internet traffic due to some technical failure or break down. In addition, your network equipment may have a few glitches that involve the functioning of the router. The reboot will let you to reconfigure and rearrange the router.

Even if restarting the router may not boost your internet speed to its fullest, yet it will allow you to get better of it. Thus, restarting your router is always a good choice to try your luck to fix Amazon Prime insufficient bandwidth issues.

Fix #5: Changing the Streaming quality on your TV

One of the possibilities for getting this error is because of fact that your TV might need a higher bandwidth to stream Amazon videos.

In general, to stream a standard-quality video you are required to have at least a speed of 3 Mbps. While for a high-definition video quality a minimum of 5 Mbps is needed. If you are streaming a video on 4K TV, then the speed must not be less than 15 Mbps for seamless streaming of videos with that quality.

Amazon videos are available in different display resolutions; including Standard Definition, High Definition, Ultra High Definition, High Dynamic Definition and so on. So if the problem exists here, you can surely change your streaming quality subject to your maximum internet speed and get the insufficient bandwidth issue fixed.

Method #6: Try out other apps or devices (to check if there is WIFI interference)

In case where your wireless network has a weak Wi-Fi signal, it is likely that other devices might be causing interference.

As per the functionality, home wireless network is capable of transmitting the signals in a limited radio frequency range around 2.4 GHz. And when other devices in range for example mobile phones use the same frequency, it will influence the wireless signal and result in bandwidth problems.

In order to fix the issue you can try your luck by disconnecting other devices from the Wi-Fi network. Alternatively you can also go for a different app or device to get the job done.

Fix #7: Checking with your ISP

Eventually, bandwidth and internet speed rely heavily on the service provider. There may exist quite a few changes in the network configuration settings at the end of your ISP or the company might be facing some other technical problems which may have resulted into slow down of the internet services.

Thus if you are getting insufficient bandwidth error and a lower internet speed problem, you can contact the ISP to get the problem resolved.

Fix#8: Disabling your VPN

While using a VPN to connect to the internet and stream videos on Amazon, you might experience a plunge in internet speed and this will cause the bandwidth problem. A VPN can slow down the internet speed due to:

  • Firewall interference 
  • Poor connection speed 
  • Routing algorithms 
  • Server location Encryption type 

So, one of the simple way to get rid of low bandwidth issue during the use of a VPN is to disable it.

Fix#9: Checking whether Amazon server is down

Though in least possibility, the problem could be due to a server issue. You may not be able to get a sufficient bandwidth if servers at Amazon are down.

To resolve the issue in such case contact them via chat-bots, just drop an email or shoot a message on social media channels, or make a call to the support team.

You have successfully learnt the ways to fix Amazon video insufficient bandwidth.

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