TikTok to rollout Downvote for Comments

tiktok downvote comments

The China based short video platform has announced that it will be adding a feature that will allow users to downvote comments. The downvote or dislike button will appear as a thumbs-down icon next to likes icon on comments under videos. Company first announced the feature as a test back in April and now they’re planning to make it available for users all around the globe.

It is also revealed that users won’t be able to see the dislike count on particular comments just like we can see the number of liked comments. It would be invisible for users and also the company isn’t clear about how they will be using it but they said that, “downvoting comments is a new way to hear feedback directly from [its] community”. It is more likely they want to keep an eye on irrelevant or on comments that are violating policy of the company.

A user who has downvoted a comment can undo it by tapping the button again.

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