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Can Alexa call 911

Can Alexa Call 911?: Here’s How To Be Safe, Feel Safe With Alexa

Alexa the virtual assistant technology by Amazon is designed to perform a hell lot of options for users. But have you ever thought of...
How to to reset Alexa Echo

How to to reset Alexa: Echo, Echo Dot, Show and Studio in 2023

It is very common to face minor bugs on smart devices. If you're having some issues with one of your Amazon's Alexa powered devices,...
Scary Things To Ask Alexa

Best Funny & Scary Things To Ask Alexa in 2023

Amazon Alexa, or simply regarded as Alexa, is voice AI by Amazon. It is powered not only to make your life simpler and easier, but...
What is Super Alexa Mode

What is Super Alexa Mode? Here’s the Secret behind the Easter Egg

Alexa by Amazon is loaded with lots of surprises and secrets. While most of them have one or the other usability, a few are...

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