Seven Simple Steps To Mod The Google Snake Game

Everyone find the snake game pretty exciting. It is a fun game many people consider to play online while waiting for websites to load or things to happen. Interestingly Google has introduced its own version of this most popular Snake game. This guide will provide you insightful information on the Snake game by Google, make you understand about its rules and let you learn the google snake game mods process. So why to wait any further, let’s read forth and get going to add more thrill and excitement to the game.

About the Google Snake game:

The Google Snake game is very much same with the other version of the Snake game available out there. Snake game by Google can be played both online and offline either on computer or mobile phone. Created in JavaScript, the game has been scripted in open source code. It is available for free and all you need to do is to visit the URL on your browser by clicking  to get started with the game. The link is easily accessible via Android as well as iOS.

How to play Snake game on Google Maps?

google snake game

Here are the steps to get started with the Snake game on Google Maps:

  • To begin, click on
  • Once you clicked on the click it will redirect you to the home page of Google Maps Snake game. Here you will get to see the “Start” option.
  • As Google has added a new flair to its version of the game, you have to select a subway train instead of the usual snake.
  • You need to choose a location from available options including San Francisco, Tokyo, London, Cairo, Sao Paulo and World.
  • After you have picked your location, you will be routed to the game page where you need to harness the snake train with the help of the arrow keys.

What are the rules of Snake game by Google?

The rules for the Snake game on Google Maps stay the same way as that of the classic Snake game. You can control the movement of your train using the four arrow keys: top, bottom, left, and right.

Soon after the train starts to move, you have to collect/pick the passengers appearing as animated humans on the game screen. You can pick as many numbers of passengers but try to avoid the train hitting itself or the boundary.

If the train crashes then the game ends there and your score will be displayed on the screen. You are also provided with the option of sharing your score with your Google contacts by sending an email or via creating a link.

You can then opt to restart the game or to exit it.

How to Mod the Google Snake Game?

The mod contains additional menu options. If you wish to mod the game you need to download the Google Snake Menu Mod on GitHub. Once you get it downloaded and installed on your device, you are required to import it to your bookmarks.

On the other hand, you can also paste the code from custom.js into the console, then type “window.snake.customMenuStuff();” in the console.

Finally, you will now be able to use the mod while playing the Google Snake Game. For this you just have to open “More Menu Stuff”, click on the gear icon to access the mod.

Here are the seven simple steps to install mods on the Google Snake game:

Step#1 Download the Google Snake Menu Mod

The first step is to download the Google Snake Menu Mod on Chrome browser.

  • To begin with, you must go to the GitHub page of the Google Snake Menu Mod by clicking the link provided below:

  • After you landed on the page, you’ll see multiple assets including “MoreMenu.html”, “Source code (zip)”, and “Source code (tar.gz)”.
  • Click on “MoreMenu.html” to download the mod.

Step#2 Head to Bookmark Manager

  • Once you have downloaded “MoreMenu.html”, you are required to import it to your bookmarks.
  • For doing so, you need to go to your bookmark manager by clicking on the three dots provided on the top navigation bar of Chrome.
  • Here you will see multiple options including “New tab”, “New window”, “New incognito window”, and more. Click on “Bookmarks” to open the “Bookmarks” menu.
  • Underneath the “Bookmarks” menu, you will get multiple options such as “Bookmark this tab…”, “Bookmark all tabs…”, “Show bookmarks bar”, and more. Click on “Bookmark manager” to go to your bookmark manager.

Step#3 Click the Three Dots Icon

  • Having clicked on “Bookmark manager”, you will get to see a list of all your bookmarks.
  • As you need to import the Google Snake Menu Mod to your bookmarks, click on the three dots provided on the top navigation bar.

Step#4. Click on “Import Bookmarks”

  • Once clicked on the three dots, it will show multiple options, including “Sort by name”, “Add new bookmark”, and “Add new folder”.
  • Click on “Import bookmarks” to import a bookmark.

Step#5. Open “MoreMenu”

  • Clicking on “Import bookmarks” will open the File Explorer.
  • Then locate the “MoreMenu.html” file. (Usually, the file will be locatedin the “Downloads” folder.)
  • Click on “Downloads” to see recent downloads.
  • Thereafter select “MoreMenu”, followed by clicking on “Open” to import it to your bookmarks.

Step#6. Open “More Menu Stuff”

Once imported “MoreMenu.html” to the bookmarks, you can now use it by performing following tasks:

  • Launch the Google Snake Game by searching for “Snake game” on Chrome and then click on “Play” to start the game. After that, click on the three dots located at the top navigation bar of Chrome.
  • Now click on “Bookmarks” to see a list of your bookmarks.
  • Thereafter, click on “Imported” to see your imported bookmarks.
  • Next, make a click on “More Menu Stuff” for activating the Google Snake Game Mod.
  • To finish, click the gear icon which will open the mod menu.

On the other hand, you can paste the code from custom.js into the console, and then type this in the console, “window.snake.customMenuStuff();”. In order to access the console, you are required to click on the three dots located on the top navigation bar of Chrome > More tools > Developer tools > Console.

Step#7. Use the Mod Menu

Once you open the mod menu and activated the Google Snake Game Mod, you will get a lot of options to use; these includeanimals, food, maps, and other cool stuff.

That’s all you have to do to successfully install mods in the Google Snake Game.

Other Google Games to Explore

Apart from the Snake game, Google has several other games to offer. We have enlisted some of the popular games by Google; you can try one or many of these games:

  • Minesweeper
  • Pac Man
  • Soltaire
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Zerg Rush

That’s all we have to share. Hope you find this article informative and of use. Thanks for reading and keeping visiting us for more of such blog articles. We hope you enjoy the mods of the Google Snake Game.

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