Maximize the Number of Post Viewers on Reddit: How to Crosspost

Reddit is one of the most liked social platforms, with thousands of different communities referred as subreddits to which you can post your preferred content. It is an undeniable fact that larger subreddits with huge audiences make it easier to spread your message, while smaller subreddits with niche audiences helps you to circulate ideas relating a central topic. Either way crossposting may work wonders for you. So, if you want to know how to crosspost on Reddit, here’s a guide to help your cause.

What is a Reddit Crosspost?

Crossposting refers to the process of posting an identical Reddit post across multiple subreddits. The main objective behind it is to reach larger audiences with your content, maximizing the number of possible viewers (and commentators) for your content. In other words, when you crosspost, you post the same post (not considering the content it carries) in different subreddits at once.

The key attribute here is that each of such post is independent of the other. That way the likes and comments will remain separate and won’t emerge across each post.

Repost vs Crosspost on Reddit:

You should not confuse crosspost with repost, as crossposting is quite different from the reposting. Repost on Reddit means repeating the post (with the same content) in the same subreddit, after awhile it was first posted. In contrast Crossposting, refers to posting the content to a totally different subreddit.

Moreover one must also understand the eligibility to make a repost or crosspost as per Reddit rules. Since not all subreddit allows crossposting (or reposting) you’re required to verify the rules before making an attempt or else you may face a ban (or shadowban).

Linking to Existing Posts vs Crossposting on Reddit:

Before crossposting on Reddit, you may also understand the difference between crossposting and linking to existing posts.

A crosspost is the process of repeating the same post, inclusive of the content. This may include a disclaimer, brining in the notice of the redditor that the post is a crosspost of the original, as well as a link.

In crosspost, it can include a link to the original post but the link isn’t the only focus, as you also repeat the original content. While on the other hand this isn’t true for linking to existing posts (that only contain links), where clicking on the post title takes the Redditor to the original post in its place.

In addition to that with crossposting, you’ll need to ensure that you have a prior permission to link to another post in the same or different subreddit. As each subreddit has its own rules about reposting and crossposting , you must confirm and validate it before going to crosspost on Reddit.

Following is the section that will make you learn about checking the subreddit rules for crossposting on Reddit.

How to Check Subreddit Rules for Crossposting:

Crossposting to a subreddit which doesn’t permit you for it will by default delete your post and may result in a ban. Hence you must understand the rules before you crosspost. You can refer the rules for a subreddit from the Reddit website. These rules can be viewed on the right-hand side of every subreddit page.

In this section you will be able to see whether the rules prohibit you from crossposting or post linking herein. If you can’t clearly understand the rules or if you’re unsure of anything, then you can confirm the same by messaging a moderator. (A list of moderators for each subreddit is provided underneath the subreddit rules.)

How to Crosspost on Reddit in a Web Browser:

You can crosspost on Reddit using web browser on a PC or Mac. In order to do so you are required to take following steps: 

  • Navigate to the official Reddit website
  • Go to a subreddit page. (This can be done manually using the address bar, or via Reddit search bar).
  • Once you landed on to the subreddit page, select the post you wish to crosspost.
  • Now find the Share button underneath the post content and then select the Crosspost option from the drop-down menu. (If you’re using the old Reddit interface, select the Crosspost button instead).
  • Under the Create a crosspost menu, from the Choose a community drop-down make a selection for a subreddit to which you like to crosspost. You must notice that a few subreddits are grayed out which means you can’t make a crosspost to them.
  • Select the Post button to make a crosspost. If it needs prior approval, then select the Request to post button.
  • After approval, the crosspost will appear in the selected subreddit as a post with a Crossposted by tag.

How to Crosspost on Reddit in the Mobile App:

If you wish to crosspost using the Reddit mobile app, this can be done by stepwise process given below:

  • Launch Reddit app and sign in to your account.
  • From the search bar locate the subreddit which contains the post that you want to crosspost.
  • Open the subreddit and then select the Share button provided at the bottom-right corner of the post.
  • Once you get to the Share menu, select the Crosspost on Reddit option. (You need to pay a bit of attention at this step as it differs in case of an Android and iPhone device and you must act accordingly).
  • In either case you will be routed to the Choose a community menu, here make appropriate selection of the subreddit you want to crosspost to.
  • Lastly, select the Post option to complete the process.

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