OnlyFans Statistics 2023: Facts & Figures You Must Be Familiar With

No matter you are a registered member on OnlyFans are planning to join the platform as a fan or content creator, one thing is for sure that you must be looking for some OnlyFans statistics to understand and access the ever-growing userbase and sky-rocketing popularity index of the site.

This blog article will provide you a quick overview of various facets of the OnlyFans in 2023 and a few numbers to show the OnlyFans statistics and other relevant information. So here you go….

OnlyFans: An Introduction

Launched in 2016, OnlyFans currently ranks quite high when it comes to content-sharing subscription platforms. With the objective of offering a platform for users to create and share unique first-rate resource which isn’t available elsewhere, The OnlyFans has a fan (member) base of over 170 million as of the third quarter of 2021. The total number of content creators and contributors on the platform has crossed the figure of 1.5 million by September last year.

 OnlyFans, usually regarded as a platform meant for adult artists and amateur pornographers to upload photos and videos to engage their fans, but that’s only one half of the reality. The other half is that the site is also well known place for people from other walks-of-life, be they authors, beauticians, chefs,make-up artists, poets, painters, photographers, among many others.

Following is the basic OnlyFans statistics

Launch                                                 2016

CEO                                                     Tim Stokely

Total users                                          170 million

Active Content creators                         2.1 million (February 2023)

Net Revenue of 2021                     $1.2 billion

Estimated revenue of 2022          $2.5 billion

New creators per day                    7,000 – 8,000

Key Competitors                              FanCentro, PocketStars, ManyVids, Frisk, JustForFans.

Reasons For Growing Popularity Of OnlyFans:

OnlyFans is known as one of the most rapidly expanding social networking sites available at the moment. It allows users to post stuff which would get them barred from other contemporary social sites including the likes of Facebook and Instagram. Considering this fact, many adult-niche content creators opt for sharing it on OnlyFans. Besides that here are quite a few obvious reasons which work behind the soaring popularity of this platform. We have enlisted some predominant reasons for your perusal:

  • Revenue Sharing Model- the first and foremost reason is the revenue sharing model of OnlyFans that attracts most of the content creators. As per the model the website pays 80% of money to creators, keeping just a 20% share of total revenue generated from a particular content.
  • Internal Marketing Tools- Next factor is the availability of amazing promotional and marketing tool to diffuse content inside the platform as well as dispense it across other platforms.
  • Free Sign up- OnlyFans offers the unique content to which anyone can access for free, by only paying for the creators to which they subscribe. Just like that, creators can also sign up for an account for free, and further being paid out 80% of the money they earn via the platform.
  • Legality – Most importantly the reason behind growing popularity is that it allows you to share all legal types of adult content.

Key OnlyFans Statistics

  • Currently over 170 million people use OnlyFans.
  • Around 500,000 fresh users connect to OnlyFans every day.
  • At present OnlyFans has more than 1.5 million content creators.
  • It’s possible to make more than $2 million a month on OnlyFans.
  • On average, top OnlyFans creators make around $100,000 a month.
  • The average OnlyFans creator earns nearly $151 a month.
  • The average OnlyFans creator has 21 subscribers.
  • The average OnlyFans subscription fee is $7.20.
  • OnlyFans has payed out more than $2 billion to creators.

Below are the details of five OnlyFans statistics 2023 you need to know.

How Much It Cost & How Much Can You Earn?

People can use OnlyFans to share content in form of photographs, audio, and videos but for that they need to have an OnltFans account. Making an OnlyFans account as a fan is absolutely free. But, if you are subscribing to any content creator on the platform, then you are required to pay a subscription fee. The subscription fee can then be increased or decreased depending on the number of followers and demand.

On the other hand, when you join as a creator, you have to follow the revenue split model of OnlyFans which is 80% of earnings to you, and rest 20% goes to the platform. Thus you can earn in 80:20 ratio of total inflows which your content be able to pull.

Average Earnings of Best Content Creators:

You will be amazed to know that the best of content creators on OnlyFans earn around USD 100,000 per month. However you must realize that the truth is that the best 1% of content creators earns about 33% of all money on OnlyFans, whereas the top 10% of them has a share of 73% in total drawings on the platform. Thus the bitter reality is that only a small proportion of total account holders of OnlyFans are able to make this big money month after month.

Earnings of Average OnlyFans Creators:

As per the statistics, OnlyFans content contributors earn 151 USD every month on an average. If you are willing to be a content creator on the platform, this is what you can expect to earn. However the amount may vary subject to the quality and quantity of the content contributed by you; but still, there’s quite a good chances of you exceeding this amount. All you need is to anticipate the expectations of your audience appropriately, market your content strategically and set your earning expectations accordingly.

Average Subscribers on OnlyFans Accounts:

On average OnlyFans accounts have 21 subscribers following them. Even though it appears to be quite a small number it is still a notable figure. As every subscriber is liable to pay you a fee to access and see your content. Moreover this figure is significantly lower than the total number of subscribers that top creators are having at this time.

Average Subscription Fee:

Statistics reveal that the average subscription price on OnlyFans amounts to USD 7.20. Taking it as a base for your earnings; say if you manage to gather ten individual subscribers for a month, you will be able to make USD72. You must always keep it in mind that initially users won’t pay a lot of money to you unless your content is exceptionally good. Hence we recommend you to start with a low subscription fee and then step by step increase your membership rate to grow it big.

That’s it. The report above has brought you some of the up-to-date OnlyFans Statistics – including important facts and figures. Do take the aforementioned OnlyFans Statistics into consideration before you join the platform or try to go big on OnlyFans to take your account to the next level.

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