7 Methods To Fix Netflix Audio and Video Out of Sync

Netflix is the ultimate dose of entertainment we look for whenever we are bored or tired off from our daily work schedule. Trust us, Netflix is one of the most perfect OTT platforms out there, both in terms of content and functioning. Though, at times, people have come across the Netflix audio out of sync issue on their devices.

Fortunately, this is a very minor technical glitch that can occur to anyone and there’s nothing to panic about it. We will teach you how to solve Netflix audio and video out of sync problem in the easiest and straightforward manner.

Learn To Solve Netflix Audio and Video Out of Sync issue

1. Turn Off & Turn On the Show/Movie

Before you proceed to perform any of the other mentioned techniques, make sure you first and foremost complete this. Just turn off the movie/show that you are watching and head to play any other content on Netflix only. If the other content works fine, then go back and reopen the previous content that you were facing the sound delay problem in, and hopefully, the issue should be fixed now.

2. Turn Off & Turn On the Netflix App

If turning off and turning on the movie/show didn’t work out for you, then try closing and reopening the Netflix app. Remember, for Netflix to completely end up running, you have to ascertain that it’s even cleared off from the background. If even this doesn’t solve the Netflix audio and video out of sync issue, then worry not, as the other steps are on their way.

3. A Simple Reboot

Alright, this is something which pops up for most of the technical issues out there. A simple and quick reboot can put an end to your Netflix audio and video out of sync problem, once and for all. See if a simple restarts works for you! If not, don’t stop reading.

4. Interfere with Audio Settings (Apple TV)

The Netflix audio out of sync problem isn’t much of a deal, if you run it on Apple TV. Just a few Audio settings tweaks, here and there, and we will be good to go!

For Apple TV 2 & 3

Follow Home screen>> Settings>> Audio & Video>> Dolby>> Auto. Try running Netflix app now to see if the sound desync issue is gone or not.

For Apple TV 4 & 5

Follow Home screen>> Settings>> Audio & Video>> Audio Format>> Change Format>> Use Best Available. That’s it! Open your favourite Netflix movie/show again and check.

5. Check For Updates

Many a times the reason behind the Netflix sound not working error is not due to the software, but rather due to an outdated OS. In such cases, not only Netflix app, but even other apps or services on the device may malfunction. So, the best way to solve this issue is by updating your smartphone/PC to the latest update. Let’s see how we can do the same in different major platforms:

Check For Updates on iOS

Follow Settings>> General >> Software Update. If there’s an update, it will notify you of it. If there isn’t, then it means your system is up to date. If the update is there, then complete it, and once done, open Netflix app to see if video and sound delay is still there or not.

Check For Updates on Android

Android, being an open source platform, so the steps may vary from device to device. Still, you can head to Settings, and then System Update to check for updates. If it’s exactly like this in your device, then great, if it isn’t, then nothing to worry, as mainly the options are similar only. Just look a little here and there, and you will hopefully land up on the System Update section.

Check For Updates on Windows 10

If you are a Windows 10 Netflix user, then to check for the system updates, you can follow, Windows key>> Settings>> Update & Security>> Windows Update. If there’s an update for you, then complete it, and try Netflix.

6. Offline Your Content

It has been noticed that at times, the Netflix sound not working issue could arise up due to connectivity issues. In such cases, downloading your movie, show, documentary or whatever can actually solve up the issue.

7. Watch on Another Device

If nothing from the above seems to work out for you, then unfortunately, you may have to stream your content on some other device only. It could be probably that there’s some issue with your device, and if you can figure that out, then great! If not, just consume the content on some other media device.


We hope that you now know how to fix Netflix audio and video out of sync problem. From top, the technical issues may look complicated, but not all of them are that technical in nature, just like you saw in the ‘Netflix sound cuts out error’ case. Anyways, if you found the article helpful, then don’t forget to smash the share button.

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