How to Tag Someone on Facebook Post, Page & Comment in 2023

Tagging people on a Facebook post is a great idea to let them know you’ve created a post and maybe it has something about them. When you mention someone on a post, page or in a comment it sends the m a notification about this topic. Also it is the fastest way to grab more attention and reach for your new post. So today, we will tell you how to tag someone on Facebook in a post, page or in a comment in 2023.

How to Tag Someone in a Facebook Post

Whether you’re on desktop or mobile app, the steps to tag someone in a Facebook post remains same. Here is how to do it.

Step 1: Open the Create Post section and click the blue figure icon beside “Add to your post”.

Step 2: A search box will popup that will allow you to type the name of person you wish to tag. You don’t even have to type full name, just type first few letters of their name and results will update in real time. Facebook might also show your friends and followers whom you tag most often or stay connected with.

Step 3: Select the people by clicking their name in desktop and by tapping the check box beside their name on mobile.

Step 4 : Facebook will display tagged people under Tagged or Selected tab. Click done and the names of people you’ve tagged will appear at the top of your post window.

How to mention someone on Facebook Post

To mention someone on Facebook post is also an easy way to tag people in your post. When you mention someone, their name will be inserted in post as a clickable link.

To mention someone on Facebook, just type @ and a popup will appear. Here you can select recent people or type the name of person you want to mention. When you’ve found the person you wanna mention, just tap or click on their name to mention.

How to tag Someone in a Facebook Photo

Is it a group photo and you want to tag people who are in that photo? Here is how to do it easily.

Step 1: Open the photo in full and hit that Tag label icon.

Step 2: A message will appear “Click anywhere on the photo”.

Step 3: When you tap or click anywhere on the photo, a search box will appear where you can find the person and select their name. Now hit Finished Tagging to exit the process.

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