[2023] How To See Saved Passwords On iPhone?

Everyone should use a different password for every other app you use. It is good for online security. Your password should be unique, strong and lengthy. A strong password contains upper case alphabet(A-Z), lower case alphabet(a-z), numbers (0-9), and special characters (!,@,#,$,%,^,&, and *).  If you are using strong passwords then it is not possible to remember all the passwords. That is why safari is remembering passwords for you. Usually, Safari suggests auto-filling the right password at the appropriate time, but you can also display and manage the complete set of remembered passwords as well. You saved the passwords but now you don’t know how to see saved passwords on iPhone. Here we are to tell you everything about this.

How To See Saved Passwords On iPhone

You can find the saved passwords on the iPhone in two ways:

Use Siri to find saved passwords

 Siri is a virtual assistant that works according to you. Use Siri to view your passwords by saying something like “Hey Siri, show my passwords.” If you’re looking for the password to a specific app or website you can ask Siri specifically.

Use Settings to find saved passwords

You can view the saved password in the settings of your iPhone. you just have to follow the given instructions:

  • On  your iPhone go to the settings.
  • Select Passwords. In iOS 13 or earlier, select Passwords & Accounts.
  • Then tap Website & App Passwords.
  • Here you need your iPhone unlock password Use Face ID or Touch ID when prompted, or enter your passcode.
  • To see a password or passkey, select a website or app.

One can also update the password if needed. and here is option where you can delete the unwanted saved passwords.

  • To delete a saved password or passkey, tap Delete Password or Delete Passkey.
  • To update a password or passkey, tap Edit.

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