[How to Fix] YouTube App Lagging on iPhone/Android in 2023

youtube app lagging 2022

Sometimes while streaming on apps you experience constantly lagging or stuttering, and it ruins the user experience. If you are experiencing the lagging or stuttering like the audio may feel out of sync while using the YouTube App in 2023, we are here with effective solutions to this particular problem. By trying these solutions you can use the when your YouTube app is lagging in iPhone or Android.

How to Fix YouTube App Lagging on iPhone or Android?

Below are the methods that would be helpful for you when your YouTube app keeps lagging on your smartphone in 2023.

Check Your Internet Connection

Whenever you find this kind of situation, first of all check your internet connection. If your internet connection is slow or unstable, the YouTube app may struggle to load content on your phone. To check the quality of your internet connection, run a quick speed test on your phone, or try streaming content in some other app.

Turn Off YouTube’s Data Saving Feature 

If you are using an android phone and you are on the data saving mode on YouTube, sometimes that will make an issue. YouTube’s data saving feature can help reduce data usage by disabling certain app features. Everything has plus points  and negative points, This feature can also have a negative impact on the app’s performance. Hence, it’s best to disable it if the YouTube app isn’t working properly. To disable the YouTube’s data saving feature on android phone or iPhone you have to follow the giving instructions:

  • Open the YouTube app on your phone(iPhone or android).
  • On the top right corner tap on your profile picture and select Settings.
  • In the next screen tap on Data saving.
  • In the sub-menu Toggle off Data saving mode

Disable Battery Saver

The battery saver mode on your phone may be responsible for the lagging or stuttering of the apps. It reduces your phone’s performance temporarily. It may be the reason for restrictions in app activities and disable the visual based effects and animations. You also felt that the YouTube app is lagging or stuttering when battery saver mode is on. Disabling the battery saving mode on your phone can fix the problem of lagging.

To disable the battery saver mode on Android

  • On your Android phone open up the Settings app
  • Go to Battery and device care
  • Tap on Battery 
  • Toggle off the button next to the Power saving option. 

To disable the battery saver mode on iPhone

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone. 
  • Select the Battery 
  • Disable Low Power Mode.

Delete All Downloads From YouTube App 

If you are the one who views all the videos on YouTube by downloading them, the downloaded videos fill up your phone’s storage space and make your phone slow. You can delete those downloaded YouTube videos to free up the spaces on your phone. The process of deleting videos is the same for android and iPhone. To delete all downloads from the YouTube App follow the steps given below:

  • Open the YouTube app on your phone( Android or iPhone).
  • Tap the profile picture icon in the top right corner.
  • Select Settings and then Tap on Downloads.
  • On the next screen select Delete all downloads
  • Select Delete to confirm.

Avoid Using VPN

If you are using VPN service on your phone, you may run into such problems. Since VPN routes your data through multiple servers, you may experience slower internet speeds, which will result in occasional stuttering or lagging while using the apps. To stop that you have to disable the VPN on your Android or iPhone that will make any difference. You can switch the VPN with the more reliable VPN service.

If these methods do not work, and still give you the lagging and stuttering you can try this also.

  • Update the YouTube app. 
  • Update the Operating system.
  • Clear the cache.
  • Run the app on the browser.

That will surely solve the problem of YouTube app lagging in 2023 on your Android/iPhone.

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