[How to Fix] Instagram Direct Message Video Not Playing 2023

Instagram is packed with lots of features along with a chat function that allows you to send stickers, emojis, photos and videos. Many are using it as an alternative app for Facebook. One can also directly message you and can send you Instagram posts, reels and stories to your followers. But if you are experiencing a problem with your direct message like when someone sends you a video and Instagram Direct Message Video is Not Playing on your device, below we have mentioned some fixes for you in 2023.

How to Fix Instagram Direct Message Video Not Playing

If videos are not playing in Instagram Direct Message DM, it can break the conversation flow. To stop these you can use the tricks below and troubleshoot the issue.

The Video Belongs to a Private Instagram Account

If someone is sharing you a video which belongs to the private account and you are not following that account then the video can not be played in your DM. Instagram will instead show a message ‘unavailable post’. If you still want to play those videos, You must send a follow request to the private Instagram account, and once the person accepts it, you can check received videos or Reels in Direct Messages.

The Person Has Deleted the Video or Reels

If the video is not playing your DM, the original owner might have deleted your received Instagram video post or Reels. You will notice the same ‘message unavailable’ error in DMs. you can not play that video because the video or reel is deleted already. You can’t do anything in it. 

Check Network Connectivity

If your internet connection is slow, you are not able to play the video because you have to download that video before you play. But because of the slow internet connection you can’t download it. To play the video in your Instagram direct message Connect your phone to a high-speed Wi-Fi network or utilize the cellular data on your phone. 

Along with that you can also try these to play a video in your Instagram direct message:

  • Clear Instagram cache.
  • Reinstall Instagram app.
  • Restart your phone.
  • Update the Instagram app.
  • Use updated Software on your phone.
  • Log out and log in again.
  • Check the Instagram server.

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