How to fix if android says Emergency Calls Only and No Service

Many times it happens that our phone says emergency calls only and fix emergency calls only on android we can neither make a call nor connect to the internet through the phone. In this article, we will provide some advice and suggestion that cause this message to your phone and get it out of Emergency calls only and working properly once again.

Why does my phone say emergency calls only?


There are so many reasons that can cause a Cell phone to show emergency calls only and to resolve this issue may be a real challenge. This guide will focus mainly on what you have to do to solve your cell phone problem. All the suggestion listed below troubleshooting this issue.

Bill payment

If you have a postpaid mobile and you have not paid the bill, then your vendor will turn the service off and due to this reason the mobile will show fix emergency calls only on android.

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SIM card fitting

If the SIM card is not fitted properly, then it can result in emergency calls only and the phone says no SIM. In such a case, users should open the phone from the back and set the SIM card properly. Users can check the location of the SIM card on the phone and if they are unable to find, they can check the documentation or go to a shop to resolve the issue. It can also happen that the inserted SIM card is defective and you have to insert a new card.

Android emergency calls only

If the phone is showing emergency calls only. Shut down the phone and restart it after few seconds. It can be the case that if the mobile has not to be shut down and restarted, it can also lead to emergency calls the only problem.

No service

If the network carrier has a problem then the phone can either show no service or can show emergency calls only or both. In this case, users should check for network and select the network carrier to get rid of the problem.

Signal problem

The phone can have a signal problem if it tries to connect to a wireless network and in such a case it shows emergency calls only.

Solution to the problem


Here are the solutions which the users can adopt on order to get rid of the problem.

Resetting the phone

In order to get rid of the emergency call the only problem, users can restart the phone but if it does not work, he can fix the issue by removing the battery while the phone is on. This will also help in resolving minor software problems. Users should take care of the thing that the phone should not be connected to the power while the battery is being removed. This type of reset cannot be performed in those phones in which battery is not detachable.


There are specific locations where the network is not available. And this can lead to the issue of emergency calls only. I such a case users cans each for a different network. They can do this from the Settings where they have to click More Networks and search for the network. After the network is searched, select the one and then restart the phone to see if the location is available.

Change the network mode

Users can change the network mode to GSM only to get rid of the problem. In order to do this, go to the Settings and Mobile Networks and then Network Mode. In the Preferred Networks, select GSM only.

Dirt in SIM

The dirt in the SIM card can also be the cause of the problem and users needed to clean the SIM and the slot where the SIM is inserted in order to get rid of the problem. Rub the chip with a soft cloth and then insert it again in the slot.


There are some mobiles, which need to cut to a microsize and sometimes users damage it during the cut. It is better that the cutting should be done by an expert. If the SIM is wrongly cut, then it has to be replaced. After replacing the SIM check to see if it is receiving the network and not causing the problem.

Airplane Mode

If the user sees that the phone is showing emergency calls only, he should check whether the phone has been set to airplane mode. If this is the case he should put off the setting and the phone will start functioning again.


Installing some applications can also be the cause of the problem of emergency calls only. If this has happened then the user has to uninstall the application. Many updates for applications also come every now and then if any application has been updated, it can also be the cause of the problem. If any application has been updated, then the user should uninstall it to resolve the issue of emergency calls only.

The operating system of the phone also needs updates as many updates are available at regular intervals. If an update is available, users should update the system to get smooth services. Along with it, users should also check the IMEI number. Users should make sure that the number is correct as this can also lead to the problem.

Bug and viruses

There are many applications that bring bugs and viruses to the mobile if there is no antivirus software installed in it. If the mobile contains any virus or bug, then this can lead to the problem of an emergency call.

Even if the user removes such application, the problem may not be resolved. In order to resolve the problem, users should perform a factory reset, which helps to erase everything from the mobile including apps and viruses. All the data will be erased with a factory reset, so users should save data like phone numbers, images, videos to a laptop or other device before conducting the factory reset.

Remove SD card

Memory cards may not cause the issue but if it persists, users can remove the card to check whether the problem is resolved or not. The mobile should be powered off before removing the card. After removal, put on the mobile to see if the problem is resolved.

Wrapping Up

These are the factors which can lead to the problem of fix emergency call only on android problem but if users follow these tactics, they can get rid of it easily and can make a call or connect the mobile to the internet

No service and the Emergency call are one of the most frustrating issues to have on a phone but if you follow our guide then you will be one step ahead when trying to set the real cause and of course get your phone working properly again.

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