How to Check Voicemail On Vtech? Here is How to do it in 2023

Voicemail works as a bliss for calling. During this modern era, one might think that cord or home phones have become obsolete. But if you have one, then you may be missing out on some hidden advantages. New-age smartphones and mobiles indeed have a voicemail feature, but what is the use of it when you can’t check it due to the battery running out. Other options like the vtech phone keep your voicemail intact until you’re available to check it out. Now the obvious question here is, what is the process of checking a voicemail on Vtech? Today we will tell you How to Check Voicemail on vtech in 2023 with the simple steps.

Fortunately, Vtech follows a much convenient process, and it’s relatively easy and quick to check a voicemail on it.

How to Check voicemail on vtech

The voicemail works as bliss for calling when you’re not available or couldn’t attend the call at that time. It allows the callers to leave a voice message for you to reach back to them. Voicemail with a pre-recorded voice assist signals them to a time slot, which allows the callers to leave their info, contact, and message. This recorded voice prompt remains in your phone, and you can listen to it back again and again or as you require.

The process of checking a vtech voicemail is simple and convenient; all you need to do is-

1. First of all, access the dial pad of your phone and click the *99 or *98 or self contact number.

(There are three dialling options as the initial step differs for every model. Contact and refer to customer support and tech guide to find more about your phone model.)

2. Now, when you get into the voicemail directory, you must enter the password which you had to set up while setting the voicemail at the start. Without this code, you can’t access the voicemail or go further.

(For pre-designed voice mail from the company, you may use standard code ‘0000’.)

3. At last, when you’ve successfully entered the correct passcode, all you need to do is follow the instructions from the pre-recorded voice guidance, and thus, you’re able to listen to your voicemails.

This easy process of vtech check voicemail is less time consuming and lets you access all your voicemails one by one, hassle-free. Also, there is a voice assistant for any other details or guidance.

Method For Setting Up A Voicemail On A Phone By Vtech

We’ve mentioned a pre-installed setup for voicemails in the vtech phones. But in a case when your phone doesn’t come with pre-settings, then what to do to check your voice mails? So it is advised that you shouldn’t wait and set up a voice mail as quickly as possible.

This will be useful for your callers as they would know any essential information you want to make available and also you can listen to their important or urgent messages. Your callers should not be avoided, and you can also leave info like another contact number or places they can reach out to.

All in all, a voicemail works as a boon for missed calls and urgent callers.

You’ve come to know how to check a voicemail but setting up one is as simple too.

1. Go to your phone dialer and dial in your contact number ending it with the *(star) in the dialer.

2. Next, you’ll hear a voice prompt that will ask you to enter a new passcode, which will be used to check your voicemail in the future.

(Remember that the figure limit is a minimum of 4 to a maximum of ten numbers, and you must not enter any part of your contact number.)

3. The last step would give you another voice signal. Afterwards this signal, you’ll have to record a caller greeting message. You’ll have four options: automated greeting, voice sign, a temporary message, or a unique personal message. To take the most advantage of your voicemail, you would like to record a personal greeting in your desired voice and words.


You’ve gone through simple processes of both checking and setting up a voicemail. The vtech phones come with one of the simplistic setup and operational procedures. A home phone like vtech is a great way to manage personal calls and give your callers an individual experience. 

With the help of the knowledge you have acquired now, you’ll be able to check the voicemail on your phone whenever you want. You can set up a new one and reset the passcode or listen to a mail repeatedly. Above all that, now you won’t have to worry about missing out on calls or your important calls left unattended. Along with your own recorded message, you can convey whichever info you want and let your callers know if you’re available or when you can be, or how to contact you in case of urgency.

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