Discord phone verification: Access chat on servers with ‘Highest’ verification level

Discord is a voice, video and text communication service and a preferred destination of over a hundred million users hanging out with their friends and communities. This VoIP, instant messaging and digital distribution platform not only allows its users to communicate but also to share media and files via private chats or as member of communities called “servers”. But as a means of secrecy, Discord has various verification levels to add extra layer of protection for server owner.

Every time you join a server, you are required to verify your account before starting a chat or sending messages. This account verification consists of verifying your email or phone number. This article will let you know the detailed process of Discord Phone Verification and understand the steps involved in it.

Why to get your phone number verified on Discord?

In case where you don’t get your phone number verified on Discord, you won’t be allowed to chat on more than a few Discord servers. As most of the server owners prefer to add an extra layer of security and set verification level on their server to “Highest”.

Having successfully completed Discord phone verification will grant you access to chat with users on servers with “Highest” verification level. Once you verify phone number on Discord, it will enable to send text messages on even servers with the “Highest” verification level. You can get more information on the different levels of verification on Discord by clicking on the link provided below:


Let’s now go on to learn about the Discord phone verification process in detail.

Verifying your phone number on Discord

The main objective behind Discord phone verification is to mitigate activities of bots and spam on a server. For the purpose of verifying your phone number on Discord, you need to go to the account settings and then tap on “Phone”. Now you will be asked to enter your phone number in the provided field. Post that, you will receive a six digit code on your phone; and as the final step of the process you can get the Discord phone verification done by entering this code and your password.

Here’s a step-by-step process to verify your phone number on Discord:

Step#1: Navigate to “Phone”

To start with, you need to log in to your Discord account. This can be done either on the Discord mobile app or the Discord desktop version. Once you are logged in to your account,you are required to head to Discord Menu.

If you are on Discord mobile make a tap on your profile picture placed on the bottom navigation bar. On the other hand, if you are working it on the Discord desktop version you have to click the gear icon provided next to your profile picture.

A Discord menu will now appear on your screen where you can see numerous options like “Set Status”, “Account”, “Privacy & Safety”, and so on. Here tap on “Account”; this will take you to the account settings.

Once landed on your account settings, go to your account information page, where you will be able to change your account information, including your username, email, phone, and password.

Lastly, tap on “Phone” to verify your phone number. (In case of desktop version you need to click on the “Add” button provided next to the “Phone Number” field)

Step#2: Verify your phone number

Once you have tapped on “Phone”/ click on “Add” button, you will be routed on the “Enter a phone number” page. Here, you are required to enter your phone number for Discord to send a verification code.

First of all, you need to enter your phone numberin the specified “Phone number” field.

After that, tap on “Next”, you will then be directed to the “Verify Your Number” page.

Simultaneously, Discord will send a text message containing 6-digit verification code to your phone. Look for the code in your phone’s message box and enter this code on the “Verify Your Number” page to get your phone number verified.

Note: You must ensure to enter a valid phone number. Else, Discord won’t be able to send a verification code to you. If you don’t have or remember a valid phone number, you can use an alternate number or try phone number of someone else in your close contact.

Step#3. Enter your password

As soon as you entered the 6-digit verification code, you will land on the “Verify your password” page. As the phone verification process is a kind of security setting, you are required to enter and verify your Discord account password. To finish the Discord phone verification process you must perform following tasks:

  • On “Verify your password” page,enter your Discord password in the field named, “Password”.
  • After that, tap on “Done” to get your password verified.
  • Once your password is verified, you will be routed to your account settings.
  • Here, underneath the “Account Information” head, you will get to see your phone number in the “Phone” field. (In case of desktop version, the “Add” button will now be replaced with an “Edit” button provided next to the “Phone Number” field.)

That is it!! You have just completed the Discord phone verification. Having done that you can now chat on servers which are having the “Highest” verification level.

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