Can WiFi owner see what sites I visit on Phone? – Here’s an answer

Can Wifi owner see what sites I visit on Phone

We are living in the world of internet and smart technology. No one can deny the fact that at some point or the other they use WiFi on their mobile phone to access internet. However by doing so many a times one become so cautious and an obvious question comes to the mind on every single user that, Can Wifi owner see what sites I visit on Phone?

If you are also among such users who use to surf the internet on some WiFi services and are concerned whether you are visible to the network provider? Can they track what you are searching on internet or else which sites are you visiting on the browser?

Stop worrying about such queries and read forth this blog article to find out accurate answers which will put an end to all your curiosity and anxiety about “Can WiFi owner see what sites I visit on Phone”. So here you go….

Can WiFi provider see my search history?

More or less, everyone is concerned about the cyber security and frequently search for “Can my WiFi provider see my search history?” Here’s an answer…

Well, with no surprise it is a ‘Yes’. Of course a WiFi owner can see the sites which you visit. Nevertheless, it all depends on multiple factors and features associated therewith and the ability to check what you do on WiFi largely gets affected by:

  • Type of router you are using to get connected
  • Implementation of a TLS/SSL certificate on the website you have surfed or visited
  • Presence of an active VPN connection

Moreover, you must keep in mind that your Wifi provider even can attempt to sniff around using packet sniffing tools such as, WireShark. Thus we strictly suggest you to use a VPN and keep it on while surfing the Internet.

Having that said, a question arise that, does your WiFi Router keep a track of your Internet browsing History? Let’s find it out…

Can WiFi router track my browsing history?

Again the answer is ‘Yes’, in all probability they can. Although it is not that common, but there is an obvious possibility of the same. Gone are the days when one would have required a hell lot of tools with an extensive technical knowledge to check WiFi history through a router, modern day WiFi routers are meant for Internet traffic tracking and comes with an in-built feature as well as pre-configured software that facilitates them to keep a track of your Internet browsing history.

But, it is not only limited to the browsing history in actual fact many other things can also be monitored on WiFi. As a result, privacy is always a matter of concern and users are pretty much doubtful about what are the things that can be tracked on a WiFi router. So here’s a list of what all things can be tracked in the process.

What’s all can be tracked?

Other than your Internet browsing history, there is a wide-ranging thing which your WiFi provider can see. It includes,

  • Specific URLs that you have visited on particular websites
  • Source & destination IP address
  • Unencrypted HTTP websites data
  • Time-log with particulars about:
    • Exact timings subject to when you get connected to the web or have used the Internet.
    • Detailed time duration for which you have been online and even spent on specific sites.

Can WiFi owner see what sites I visited in Incognito Mode?

Incognito mode is an in-built feature available on almost every web browser these days which allows you to surf the Internet privately. After you have enabled the Incognito mode on your browsing device, it facilitates the browser to delete all stored data (such as search history, cookies, and other private information usually stored or used during filling forms, emails, etc.) from your device post every browsing session.

So, if you are thinking that it is totally safe to browse Internet via WiFi in Incognito mode, let me correct you. No, it is still not safe enough. For the reason that the Incognito Mode doesn’t have a control over Internet traffic, WiFi owners or ISPs (the Internet Service Providers) can effortlessly see and track the websites which you visit via their servers.

Is it safe to browse Internet via WiFi on my Phone?

No, it is not safe at all. Most of us, by and large surf the internet on our smartphones, if you use to browse web via WiFi on your mobile phone and wonder is it safe to do so. You must note that while you doing so, the WiFi owner or ISP can track your browsing history alongside be able to see other things like:

  • The source & destination IP address
  • The unencrypted HTTP websites data
  • The apps that you have been using

Not only that, the WiFi provider can employ more than a few tools and resources to track further details, including:

  • Call logs
  • Text & audio messages
  • MMS data

In addition to these, they can intercept your network traffic to track and take hold of your account credentials, saved passwords, debit/credit card details, and other personal information.

So, how can you prevent the WiFi owner to access such information and safeguard your browsing history? Is there any way around?

The answer is ‘Yes’, you can hide your browsing history to keep it out of the reach of your WiFi owner. Here’s how to do it.

Hiding browsing history on WiFi

In order to hide your browsing history on WiFi, you can either use any VPN service or Tor Browser.

Virtual Private Network

A VPN or the Virtual Private Network, allows you to anonymously browse the Internet, even if you get connected to someone else’s WiFi. Since VPN assigns you an absolutely diverse IP address, it helps you to hide your identity, and cautiously encrypts your Internet traffic.

The Tor Browser

Alternatively, you can also use the Tor browser to hide your search history from the WiFi owner. This browser encrypts all the traffic which passes through it and thereby protects your browsing history from the WiFi owner.

Wrapping Up:

That’s all from our side “Can WiFi owner see what sites I visit on Phone.” To conclude we must say that WiFi is an open technology and has lots of flaws. Moreover a WiFi owner is able to invade your privacy as they can see what you do on your phone via WiFi. Consequently, to be safe you must always use VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) or Tor browser to hide your Internet browsing history.

Hope the article have cleared all your doubts on the topic and provided you satisfactory answer to your query – “Can WiFi owner see what sites I visit on Phone?”

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