Blocked on Discord?? Here’s How to Let You Know

With ever growing virtual communities on social media channels, you could often experience people annoying you for one or the other reason by texting you at odd times or sending you undesirable stuff which you never want to receive. Contrariwise On the contrary there is an equal chance of other person getting infuriated by some of you texts and may decide to block you. This blog post will help you to identify and let know if someone blocked you on Discord and also make you learn about how to block someone on Discord in just a few clicks.

How to Know If Someone Blocked You on Discord

While using the Discord app, you can join server to connect with like-minded people and share stuffs with them. The fellow users will be able to ping you and also to send you private messages. However, if you want a user not to bother you anymore, you can simply go on to block that user on Discord. In the same way the other person can decide to block you if they don’t wish is to communicate with you any further.

Having that being said, Discord users frequently look for the ways that could tell about whether they are blocked by someone on Discord or not. Well to no surprise, there are obvious ways which might let you know that you are blocked on Discord.

Here’s a brief of the facts which could tell that someone has blocked you on Discord.

Fact#1: Won’t be able to Chat

The first clear possibility to identify that you are blocked on Discord is to have a chat with the other person. In case you are unable to have a chat with someone, it is likely that they might have blocked you.

If blocked once you may continue to see the earlier chat with person whom you already had, but you could by no means start a fresh chat with that person. As a matter of fact Discord will not notify if you are blocked by someone, but you get aware of it as chat window will be darkened out and you will no longer be able send and receive messages with the person. However you still have access to previous chat and continue to read earlier messages.

In such a scenario you won’t be able to do anything expect to let it go and move on with other community users on the server.

Fact#2: Getting back a Strange Message

This is yet another check to validate that you are blocked by someone on Discord. Where you send some text to any fellow Discord user, and a strange message appears shaking on your screen restricting the text message to go through, you are most likely to be blocked.

When you text someone on Discord chat and in return you get a message which says that “the person is only accepting messages from friends”, then probably that person have blocked you. This system generated error message indicates that in order to chat with the person you must be sharing a server or be friends with the person.

So in your case if the person has previously added you and both of you have a former chat, then it is quite a possibility that you are blocked by the person some time ago.

Fact#3: Disappearing from Friends List

Blocking on Discord straight away removes the person from your friends list. Whenever you block a person on Discord, you will observe that their name is no longer shown on friends list. This way you can verify that whether you are blocked or not, by going to your friends list and searching for the person.

However it is to be noted that if a person blocks you, they will not be able to communicate with you but can still view you online, access the previous chats as well.

Alternative of Blocking on Discord

If you own a server or acts as the administrator of one, you can opt for various alternatives to keep a hold of a person’s action. These options include muting, deafening, kicking, blocking or banning them from the channel.

As an alternate to blocking Discord allows you to silence someone on the platform. Putting it in other way, you can mute Discord users while working on the Discord voice channel. Quite similar to blocking this feature will stop the person from speaking, even though they continue to listen to what you are saying. Adding up, you can even deafen other users on the Discord voice channel, as a result of which they won’t be able to hear what you are saying. While by using the kicking option you can boot off a person from the channel. In such cases the person can rejoin the channel when invited later at some point of time in future. Till then they won’t be in a position to come onto your channel.

How to block someone on Discord

Blocking will prevent a person from contacting you on Discord. In practice it is pretty simple and easy. You can get it done by going to the profile of the person whom you want to block, and then click on block now. However you can take note of following methods to block someone onDiscord.

Method #1: Blocking someone on Discord via PC or Mac

In order to block a person on Discord using a PC or Mac, you must:

  • Go to the Discord server and then right-click on the person’s name.
  • As you make a click, a menu will appear on the screen, select ‘Block’.
  • Now you will get a confirmation message asking if you’re sure you want to block. Select ‘Block’ again to confirm and continue.
  • That’s all. The messages from this person on your server will now disappear from your screen.

Method#2: Blocking someone on Discord via iPhone or Android devices

To block someone using the Discord mobile app (both iPhone as well as Android devices) you need to perform under mentioned tasks:

  • Launch Discord and open the server.
  • Now tap the profile picture of the person whom you want to block.
  • A menu will appear on your screen. Click on the three dots provided at the top corner.
  • Next go on to tap on the ‘Block’ Option. You will then receive an alert will confirm that the user has been blocked.

Note: Once blocked the person, they will automatically be removed from your friends’ list. Not only that, it will also hide all their messages shared with you on the server.

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