Ads Randomly Pop Up on Phone? Here is How to get Rid of them in 2023!

Advertisements have become a part of our society. They are just everywhere! You turn the TV on, there are ads! You get out of your home/office, you can see hoardings, ads on vehicles and just everywhere! With the evolution of internet, ads have also started appearing on desktop and smartphones too! But, seeing too many ads randomly pop up on phone could be fishy. Today we will tell you how to get rid of these spam ads on your android phone.

Why do I see ads randomly pop up on phone?

When you see random ads popup on your android phone, it means you may have subscribed to popups or notifications on a spammy site or have installed an app that is causing these ads appear randomly on phone. There are also chances of your device being infected from a various or malware. But worry not, we have covered everything you need to know in this article and will help you get rid of this situation.

How to fix Ads Randomly Pop Up on Phone?

If you want to stop seeing these ads, you need to follow the below mentioned steps properly and we assure you that your device will work properly again and you won’t be seeing these malicious or spam ads again.

Block these ads from Chrome

There are chances that you have allowed notification from a site and it is continuously sending you messages that say your device is infected or some type of inappropriate notification messages. Also, we will tell you how you can block popups and redirects on websites on chrome.

  • Step 1 : Go to Settings in Chrome > Scroll down and select Site Settings > Tap Notifications and you will see a list of websites that you have allowed notification from in Allowed Tab. Select the site and turn off the toggle next to Allow notifications.
  • Step 2 : Head to Settings > Site Settings and tap Popups and redirects. If you see that toggle next to Pop-ups and redirects is on, turn it off.
  • Step 3 : Again go to Settings and Site Settings and now tap on Ads and turn it off too.

This way you will be switching all malicious and spam ads that you’re receiving from the Chrome or some websites. Now let’s go to the next section.

Remove Malicious Apps

Android is an open source operating system and it does also allows us to install apps from outside of play store. You should always think twice before installing an APK to your mobile. Because many of these APKs contain malicious codes or are full of spam notifications and ads. If you’re someone who keeps installing apps from unofficial sources more frequently, it is really hard to find the culprit app. So, just install an antivirus from play store or use your device’s inbuilt security scan app to find such malicious apps and uninstall them immediately.

Remove Viruses

It is true that android phones can get infected too! When you’re browsing an unsafe website or installing or downloading anything from the site, there are chances these virus files could get stored in your device’s storage. If you are still seeing the ads even after removing the suspicious apps and blocking ads from chrome, now you need to check if your phone is infected? To do that, install a trusted anti virus and scan your mobile device. The anti virus software will remove any infected files or viruses from your device and make the ads go away!

Phones with Ads!

There are some android smartphone makers in market with their custom UIs! We won’t be mentioning any company here but there are some. They have ads filled in their UI already and you can not do anything about ads displaying in their file manager or on app drawer! So, try to avoid buying such phones.

Reset the device

If nothing works, the only thing left to do is, reset the device. You can go to your device’s settings and do a factory reset. But keep in mind that it will remove all the content from your device. Like apps, contacts, photos and other stuff. So, first backup every important thing that you have in your device.


Why am I being redirected to random webpages while browsing internet?

If you’re being redirected to random webpages while browsing a website, it could be a website that has enabled redirection ads or maybe you have allowed some sites to redirect. Follow above mentioned steps to get rid of this.

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